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Within the framework of the U-M Google Initiative, the university supports Google sites. Quickly get facts about the quality and usability of this website builder with our Google Sites Review. Easy addition of button to enhance your link in new Google sites

Often, visitors click more often on icons than on inline links, making them a good way to lead humans to important information. You can, for example, include a "Contact" icon to help encouraging your contacts to get in touch with you. Sample for the addition of a "contact" badge to a website The badges adapt themselves to the colour schemes and the design of your website and can be adjusted in size via the user area.

And now that you can click button addition in just a few easy steps, we are hoping you will find it easier to build compelling websites that lead the user to meaningful experiences. Please check out our Help Center to find out more about how to insert, modify or remove a button.


All of us have great tutor and student support at the Digital Learning Lab in UW2-140, Monday-Thursday, 10:00-16:00. All of our UW clients, lecturers and employees have Google Sites as part of the G Suite through their UW accounts. In November 2016, Google announces the launch of the new Google Sites, which became available in 2017 for UW G Suites.

A lot of applications still use the now "old" Google sites, but we've started to migrate to the new Google sites before they're completely obsolete. You can find programspecific instructions in the ePorfolio instructions section of this page. The old Google pages are still used by interdisciplinary Arts & Science (IAS), Masters of Nursing (MN) or Health Studies (HS).

The BIS 499 is currently moving to the new Google sites. Are you interested in using Google sites for other things? Are you interested in Google Sites for another type of ePortfolio or are you interested in Google Sites for another type of ePortfolio type projects, we suggest you start with the New Google Sites ePortfolios page.

An additional available portfolio API is available in Canon's, within each users profiles. Canon portfolios provide a straightforward, uncomplicated, easily editable and safe surface. For more information about this utility, please read this general Canon's Portfolio Tutorial. Currently, the First Year Pre-Major Programme (FYPP) via the Discovery Core and Special Education Endorsement (SPED) are the only programmes using Canva' s portfolio of electronic products.

For Discovery Core and the SPED program specifications, see the ePorfolio Tutorials section of this page. The UW GSuite is a set of web utilities that allow the user to interact with others on jobs and other activities. University of Washington has teamed up with Google to deliver the G-Suite to UW faculties, employees and college undergraduates.

Your suite is bound to your unique Google ID and is different from a Google Account. Currently, your WebID does not offer other Google Tools outside the Google G Suite and the other way around for Google Accounts.

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