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Integrate Google Web Font into the design of your shop. AMP WooCommerce by CleverSoft - Fona - Responsive Google AMP Topic The Fona is a neat and simple WooCommerce topic for the purchase of on-line shops. Fona will make your shop more compelling and appealing to your audience with minimum product emphasis and product sophistication. Using this WooCommerce topic you can use it for a bunch of e-commerce website like clothing store, furnishing store, decoration store, etc..

Improves your driving speeds and reduces charging times on your portable by up to 85%. Improve your Google Mobil rankings significantly. Is there a reason for having AMP pages? Over 50% of on-line buyers buy from portable equipment. When your website is sluggish, customers will be disappointed and may never come back.

They need to offer them a seamless and quick first-hand learning curve that normal wireless sites may not be able to afford. That' s why Google and other businesses have developed AMP ( "MobileAcceleratedPages ") enabling your website to be loaded onto your device in seconds. Is Fona Google Access WooCommerce Woo Pages theme?

One of the most important features of our website is the fact that our pages are specially designed to reduce the amount of charging your phone does. But you need web development professionals to build LMP pages for each product, which is timeconsuming and expensive. Instead, we have Fona Google WooCommerce created Fona Google WooCommerce themes that allow you to build WooCommerce pages for all your WooCommerce product with one click.

Google's flagship technologies are proven. Fona Google Access Google Access WooCommerce can help you keep up with this latest fashion trends. Because AMP significantly enhances page load speeds and usability on the move, it is very likely that a website created with AMP will be ranked higher than slow and unappealing websites.

Adding these icons could lead to improved click ratings for these sites, as the results are not only eye-catching, but visitors are also looking for AMP sites when looking for faster load time. Hence, using these icons is the ideal way to showcase your store or your clients' sites as an agent or contractor.

Fast and simple to use, the most important thing for the sale of products on the phone. It is fully reactive and very similar to a mother tongue application. Make stunning and reactive slider that will never be simpler with the Revolution Slider and it's free to use inona. One of the most important items in your webshop is the store page.

SmartLayredNavigation - WooCommerce Ajax Filter plug-in included: With our integrated AJAX analytics filtering capabilities, your clients get a smooth customer Experience on both desktops and mobiles. Your website convert rates vary depending on the number of page views. WooCommerce color or image pattern plug-in included: The CleverSwatches feature allows you to append more than one image for each variant, and when the viewer chooses the variant, these image galleries are displayed as image galleries instead of pictures from the primary products album.

Anything you are looking for in e-commerce and nothing more. Select whether you want to disable the theme's e-commerce feature and use WooCommerce for cataloguing or not. Easy to turn on and off via the customizer, which makes it perfect if you opt to launch the sale at a later date convenient.

Buyers like to get a good impression of the good before buying. Offer a nice customer viewing environment while you focus all your attention on the items you offer. Enable your customers to see their chosen items at a single sight with the ability to append or delete items without having to browse the site.

Sell your product through your Instagram Feed. Enter your blogs and Extra-Oompht! 2 nice blogs come with your own design to help you highlight your contents and use the web. The PSD edition is supplied with your device. This topic contains the necessary. po & . mo data prepared for translating.

The topic contains 100% free of charge premiums.

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