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Edit your artwork and create your own layouts

As you may have realized, when you choose a different theme in Googlelides, the text on your transparencies is rearranged and forms for the backdrop are added. The reason for this is that each design has integrated foil layout and wallpaper graphic. This layout can be edited with a function known as the Model Designer.

As soon as you have learned how to use the editors, you can adjust your whole slideshow with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can even create your own slideshow. Googlelides' Creative Suite Quick Motion allows you to quickly change the layout of your presentations and your thumbnails. You can then process the masterslide that will impact each foil in the display.

It is also possible to edit single slice laysouts, which changes all the slips that use those laysouts. Below are some popular applications for the use of the File Explorer tool. Easily adjust the backgrounds for all your transparencies simultaneously with the help of the advanced templates editing tool. You can, for example, apply a water mark or logotype to each transparency in your display, or edit the backgrounds of an already designed transparency.

When you find that you frequently reorder the merge fields on each transparency, you can conserve your precious space by reordering them in the Asset Manager's Asset Manager instead. If you customize one of the designs in the master templating editors, all transparencies with that design changes. Rather than having to modify the text colour on each individual transparency, you can use the Text Colour Designer to modify the text colour on all transparencies simultaneously.

Make your own slideshow layouts: When you want to make a different look than the standard Google Images theme, you can use the Advanced Tempo Builder to make your own layout. User-defined layout can contain your own backgrounds and wildcards. When you want to make changes to all transparencies in your presentations, you can modify the masterslide.

This example changes the colour of the caption fonts. When you click Theme, choose a theme that is similar to the one you want. This example shows the topic of corals. Enter the slideshow submenu and choose Edit masters. You can now access the Demo in the Master-Template-Editor. Make sure that you choose the top part of the main slides, otherwise one of the slides will be chosen by standard.

Perform the required changes to the masterslide. Our example will show us how to set the text colour to blue-green. Once you are done, exit the Asset Manager window by pressing the upper right corner of the window and click the Start button. Changes are displayed on all transparencies of the slideshow. Using the Master-Template-Editor you can modify any foil lay-out in your presentations.

In contrast to the masterslide, changes to a transparency design are only reflected on transparencies that use that design in your present. Now open the File Explorer. Opening by Default displays the current transparency design. Find and choose the required layouts in the navigational area on the navigation bar on the left. 4.

If you choose a polygon, you can see how many transparencies are currently using that polygon in your slide show. Our example shows how to re-size the box and how to set its fill to turquoise. Once you are done, exit the Asset Manager window by pressing the upper right corner of the window and click the Start button.

You can see the changes on all transparencies with this lay-out. In contrast to PowerPoint, images are not included in wildcards, so they don't move when you modify the theme. You should be editing all your laidouts? Your design may include designs that are not used by your present. It' s up to you whether you work on all or just some of them.

Perhaps you only want to concentrate on the layout currently used by your present. However, if you want to include more transparencies or use your theme in other your work, you might want to make sure that you are editing all the layout to ensure that the theme is the same. After you' ve adjusted the masterslide and the layout of your latest session, you can use the same themes as a theme in a new session.

Now open the slide show into which you want to export your custom design. In the Designs area, click the import theme button at the bottom. Choose the custom representation. His theme is uploaded to the actual present. Verify that you are logged in to Google, and then click File > Make a copy.

Now open the Edit File window and make sure you have selected the Edit File tab. Changing the theme colour to blue-green. Set the fonts of the main song to Times New Roman and the fonts to Blanc. Changing the text colour of the remaining text to dark.

Choose the first lay-out foil (title foil) in the mainditor. Changing the orientation of the mother track and the mother track to the right. Dragging titles and subtitles so that they are near the bottom right corner of the transparency. Changing the line colour to amber and the line weights to 4 points.

Shut down the masterslide. Once you are done, the first foil in your slides should look something like this:

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