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Here you will find the most important personalization applications and games for Android devices. This is a community to see new Android themes and share some of your own. Google's Android taste test will help you find the flawless mobile topic.

To help you choose a background image, a launch button and an iconset according to your preference, Google has put together an #myAndroid Key Test, an on-line utility. For example, it asks you a series of quick fire quizzes, where you have to say if you are more of a "geometric" or "organic" kind of individual, and at the end it gives you a tailor-made outcome.

Gboard was also highly recommendable every Gboard I tried, so it's also a kind of adorable display for Google's search-based keypad. Other than that, the advice was fairly accurate, at least for me, so it's definitely a good idea if you're looking for a little bit of inspirational input for the next look on your mobile.

Demonstrate your loyalty with Android Google Chrome Themes.

As far as the domination of portable platforms is concerned, the struggle between Apple's iPhone and the Android platforms will continue. The Android does many things right, including installation on a large number of equipment around the globe. However, the overall effect cannot be underestimated, and currently 58 per cent of phone application downloads will come from Android in 2013.

While Apple still dominates the field of portable gaming by a large distance, Android will probably only expand in this area. An Android user is a mad, burgeoning mob willing to show their loyalty wherever they can. Fortunately, there are a lot of Google Chrome Android themes, and we've randomly collected eight of our favourite Android themes below.

Android' s verdant robotic is quickly becoming an iconical icon, and in this subject it is covered with a "metaphor" when it looks through broken glasses or perhaps a broken wall into the domination of portable devices. But Android has published a multitude of funny and original titles for his games (all of which are in some way about candy or dessert), most recently Jelly Bean.

This Android Chrome feature features the infamous chrome robots and headers stuffed with - as you might think - delicious chrome candy. Unless you're into colourful marmalades, you might like this sinister, easy and future-oriented Android subject instead. It' s a great look that every Android enthusiast should appreciate, and we especially like this Android topic for its artistic head.

Every new edition of Android that is published will familiarize the user with a multitude of functionality and enhanced functionality across a broad front. Honeycomb Chrome is the Android Google Chrome design. If you were a special enthusiast of the Honeycomb edition and its latest additions, then this is the Android Chrome design. This little lush little robotic appears in many shapes, doesn't it?

The design shows a shiny copy of it, along with many other Android robotics that fill the symbol bar. It is one of those Android browsers themes that really wants to remind you how much you like the OS. Whereas the preceding Android topic had a certain technological charisma, this one is somewhat more artful.

The Android app and device allows the user to communicate their creative ideas with ease, and as technology improves, especially in the tray industry, the opportunities for creative expression will only grow and become available to more individuals. The Android Chrome Theme is easily one of our favourites because it has something else to offer.

Instead of the usual display of the lush robots, you'll get a funny push from Apple instead. Android Chrome themes that summarize your passion for the OS to perfection. Android fanatics should also follow the following links:

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