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Visit the Google Chrome Themes Gallery. Introduction to the Google Chrome Theme Gallery Like many others, we like to do it and that's why we launched the Windows 7 Themes Gallery. The gallery starts with 4 sections (Abstract, Games, Music and Animes n' Toons) with over 15 themes distributed over these sections. Soon, more category will be added to the gallery and as we love to create these themes, many new themes will be added.

Allow me to give you an insight into the topics we are publishing today, and you can view the screen shots and dowload the topics you like. The Google Topic Gallery Chrome: Let's begin in alphabetical order and begin with the Abstract Art Themes group. It gives us plenty of possibilities to be imaginative, because unlike Windows 7 themes, where we have to work on several different elements like wall papers, sound and icon, here we work on a unique picture and try to get it converted to the best possible one.

The Abstract Art Google Chrome Themes: We' ll begin the Abstract Art Themes section with a new section named "Theark Art". Black motifs with fantastic colour and lighting effects. Find out more detail and take a look at the screen shots of abstract art. 2 ) Anime and Toon's Google Chrome Themes: That' gonna be a funny one.

In this section we have the possibility to browse a very wide range of themes and make some really nice and funny themes. Further information and screen shots on Calvin & Hobbes themes can be found here. 3 ) Google Chrome game themes: The third section continues with games. To start with, we'll start with Fantasy XIII Themes.

More information and screen shots on Fantasy Topics can be found here. 4 ) Google music themes Chrome: And last but not least, die Google Chamrome Music Themes. Normally you would begin with an performer or a group, but we gave it a different note. It' not only guitarists who are super stylish, they also make great chrom themes.

We' ll start with 3 themes in this group. Get more detail and see the Guitar Chrome theme screen shots. We' re launching the Google Chrome Themes Gallery for our readership and would be happy to receive your comments and comments. As we are new to this area, not all topics may be impeccable, but we have tried to make them as accurate as possible.

To learn more and use the Chrome Themes, please go to the Google Chrome Themes Gallery or the detailed articles on the above topics.

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