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Adapt your website search engine | | | Search Google Developer Some may use an enterprise's legacy WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla suite of tools that can deliver a topic, look, and feel. Using available website web page management tools, the website user does not create the entire website by generating codes, stylesheets and scripting, but only the contents (such as photographs, pictures and texts).

Some of the following softwares are available if you are interested in building a completely new website and want to use an already installed one, to find some good ideas. Most of these bundles are called "Content Managment Systems" or the abbreviation CMS.

However, some organizations may offer additional hosted service in conjunction with the provision of your website management tools. Once you know what kind of softwares were used to create your website, go directly to the specific guideline for building a mobile-friendly website: If your website with Joomla! does not appear above, please obey our general policies to ensure that your website with Joomla! is mobile: secure your website.

And if you're not sure how to secure your website, please check with your CMS vendor or search our site master technical team. Sometimes an upgrade to the latest release will perform the necessary safety updates and make your website mobile. Joomla 3, for example, comes with mobile assistance. When the CMS provides user-defined designs, make sure the designs are mobile:

Have a look at the topic for your website in the administration area of your CMS and search for words like "mobile" or "responsive" in the topic doc. Once a demonstration is available, copy and paste your submission submission' s URL into the mobileriendly test to make sure it is mobile.

Check the CMS supporting forms to see what problems they might have with the mobile version of their websites. Please check out our website's master board for more information and assistance. You can use the Mobile-Friendly-Test to make sure that your website is mobile.

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