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To customize the wallpaper or topic on your Google Chromebook Known for their easy-to-use user interfaces and affordability, Google Chromebooks provide an enjoyable user interface for those who don't need resource-intensive apps. Although they don't have much space in relation to the computer's equipment, you can customize the look and handling of your Chromebook with wallpapers and themes to suit your needs.

Learn how to choose from a range of pre-installed background images and use your own customized one. Another great way to get new designs is the online shop which gives Google's web browsers a completely new look. When your Krome Browsers is already open, click the Krome Menus icon, displayed by three vertical bars and placed in the top right of your view.

If the dropdown list pops up, click Preferences. Also, if your Krome Browsers is not already open, you can access the preferences panel from the Krome system tray at the bottom right of your monitor. You should now see the preferences panel of Chat. Find the Appearance section and choose the Set Background pushbutton.

Thumbnails of each of the pre-installed Chromebook wallpaper choices should now be viewable and are divided into the following categories: In order to add a new wallpaper to your computer wallpaper, just click on the required one. When you want to randomly choose a background image for your chart, place a checkmark next to the Summary Me item at the bottom right of the screen.

As well as having a dozen pre-installed choices, you can also use your own picture files as your Chromebook background. Click on the Custom page (at the top of the background picture chooser window). Press the Choose Files pushbutton and choose the required picture type.

When your selections are completed, you can change the look of the page by selecting one of the following items from the Position drop-down menu: Whilst wallpaper images decorate the wallpaper of the Chromebook PC wallpaper, themes change the appearance of the chart web browsers or controls of your charting system.

In order to be able to download a new design and reinstall it, first go back to the Chrome's Settings screen. Then browse to the Appearance section and click the Get themes buttons. Chrome Web Store's Topic Area should now be viewable in a new browsing tabs and offer access to hundred of choices from all category and genre.

As soon as you find a topic you like, choose it and click the corresponding Create My Favorites Buttons. You will find it in the top right of the topic summary pane. After installation, your new design is immediately reflected on the Chromed surface. In order to reset the web page to its initial design at any point, just click on the Reset to Standard Topic icon (also found in the Display section of the Chat Settings).

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