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Now my designs for Google Chrome are available for immediate download in the webshop. Topics Chrome Apps vs. Enhancements vs. Topics Apps from Google Web Store have been deleted and Google announced outdated at the end of 2017. Though, the charge web store still contains an extended set of enhancements and themes.

Google Internet Explorer and Google OS offer you comfortable web browsing. As with other web browsers, users can enhance and personalize your site with themes available from the Web Store.

Chromes enhancements have a positive impact on the Chromes browsers. Using a chromed expansion, for example, you can create a full website screenshots and store it in an images folder. Once the add-on is in place, you can view it on any website you go to because it is already present throughout your web browsers.

The Ebates expansion is another example that can help you find offers on sites you are visiting. Enhancements are small programmes that are downloaded to your computer in the shape of a CRX-document. They will be stored in a certain place in the Chrome install directory, so you will not normally be able to select where to store the expansion on your computer.

It is stored in a secure place by our software and can be used at any moment when you open your web page. For previewing and installing extensions: Navigate to the charge webshop in the charge webwser. In the top-right corner of the window, click Enhancements. In the area on the far right, choose whether you want enhancements to be displayed only with certain features.

It runs offline, free of charge, available for Android, works with Google Drive and others. To view a descriptive text, screen shots, review, revision, version information, date of availability, associated applications, and other relevant information, click any of the extensions in the top pane. If you find an expansion you like, click Append to Chrome. Select and click Append Expansion in the displayed dialog area.

Normally, however, it opens the expansion preferences when the expansion is ready. If you want to remove your existing Chromes enhancements, open the Chromes drop-down list in the upper right corner of your web page (the icon consists of three stacks of dots) and select Additional Utilities > Enhancements. Click the Remove icon in the field with the expansion you want to remove.

Topics are used to personalise the look of your web browsers by modifying the colour schemes and backgrounds. Topics are mighty because they alter the look of everything from tabbed pages to scrollbars. Unlike enhancements, however, modifying your design does not alter the fundamental functionality of these elements or of Chromes as a whole.

The personalization of your chart browse is funny and makes you feel temporarily. You can try as many topics as you like. Navigate to the charge webshop in the charge webwser. In the top-right corner of the window, click Designs. Please click on a topic to see a bigger picture, see all ratings and a short summary of the topic.

Select the Create My Computer icon and the design will be downloaded and immediately applied. If you want to delete a customized font, open the preferences and click Reset to default in the Appearance section or download a different font.

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