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The Web Builder Service Provider allows anyone to create a website with simple tools. Sites - créer rapidement et facilement des sites Web d'entreprise Work with colleagues to create high-quality, interactive websites for your team, project, or event. Googlesites sites ont une belle apparence sur n'importe quel écran, du bureau au smartphone. With Google Sites, you can easily showcase your teamwork while Google Suite gives you access to all your content - from folders in Google Drive to Google Docs to shared calendars.

Carefully selected designs make your content always look perfect. The built-in optimization feature in Google Sites adjusts automatically adjust your work to each screen. Thus your websites are presented appealingly everywhere. Launching and editing de sites web est un jeu d'enfant : il suffit de cliquer et de glisser-déposer le contenu. This ensures that all content is optimally placed and can be easily moved, rearranged, enlarged or reduced.

On Google Sites vous permet de collaborer sur des fichiers en temps réel avec d'autres utilisateurs. You get the same effective sharing options as in Google Drive and Google Docs. Just like in Google Docs, you'll see other people's changes in real time - for easy collaboration. Just like Google Docs, Google sites allow users to manage permissions and ownership with just a few clicks.

Embedded content conserve ses permissions d'origine pour un contrôle fiable et précis. With Google Sites, we have created an, an ontranet that has become the most important means of communication in the company for employees. Can external visitors access a corporate website can access a corporate website ? People outside your company can also access your website, even if they don't have a G Suite account.

However, it is possible to restrict access via the share settings as required. Can I still use the previous version of Google Sites ? If your company is using an earlier version of Google Sites, it can continue to use it without interruption. You can continue to edit and share your Google Sites sites as usual.

Can I buy a domain through Google ? Googles se fera un plaisir de vous aider à acheter un domaine par l'intermédiaire de l'un de nos partenaires d'hébergement de domaine. We will then guide you through the entire process and help you set up G Suite for your new domain.

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