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Send ", "Event", "Sponsored Category Click Vari 1", "Digital Imaging Tools", ("$(this). attr('href') ) ) ); __gaTracker("send", "event", "Sponsored Category Click Vari 1", "Digital Imaging Tools", ("$(this). attr('href')) ) ) ); ); }); }}}} Be up to date on how Google is evolving and how you can get ready for the sun. A one-page website builder for small business has been formally launched by Google.

Easily referred to as a "website", the new free site management utility allows small shop keepers to build and maintain sites on their desktops or mobiles in just a few moments. Google says 60% of small companies in the world have no website of their own. Clearly Google is trying to raise this figure with the launch of its new website Builder.

The site is an add-on to Google My Business, which means you must have a fully completed GMB list to use the utility. Googles extracts the information from your GMB record and creates the site, which can then be customised with topics, pictures and text.

When you first request a GMB record, Google invites you by default to begin building a companion site. And if you already have a quote, log in to Google My Business, click on " My Business Locations ", then choose Website from the drop-down list. You can also use this page to begin building your website.

Just obey the directions on the monitor and if you are happy, you can post it for it to see the whole wide picture. Web pages that you create with Web site defaults to the domains structure: "You can purchase a customized domainname from the Settings panel in your Google Accounts and Google will link your site to the new domainnameutomatically.

Once your website is published, the update is as easy as the update of your GMB record. Every update of your GMB record is transferred to your website automatic. Google's Website builder is severely constrained by it' designs and doesn't have many of the functionality you'd find in a more rugged CMS.

It' not a flawless answer, but it's probably better than having no website at all. You can find more information in Google Help.

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