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Google+ - Weebly Many thanks to all my Google employees. re/sir, i am here to say i have 1 domains & pro member with weebly from the last 9 years but i got this issue from the last 6 of the last few days i cant my forgotten passwords help... when i try to reset passwords connection it will send emails to my emails immediately but tht emails doesn't contain forgotten passwords connection to reset them.

i have tried many times of 6 of the past few of the days but its not supportive...

so i try to click on livestat, but it picks up again st log in page, so if i have no username, how can i log in to weeblyfor livestat, thirdly, how can i e-mail assistance without log in to weebly, if i try to send it via e-mail, it will take me back to log in page... so pls help me, as i get my username forgotten in these circumstances... As your website and your company expands, you earn functions that are growing with you.

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Weak:: Check Your Domains - Administrators Help for Gu Suite

To keep this easy to read, please extend the step-by-step instructions in this guide and try printing them out to reference them as you go through the validation procedure. What is the purpose of verifying? Once you're sure you own your own private domains, you can use your Google suite or cloud identity to get started. When you have your own suite, you can use Gmail, Google Drive and any other features available in your suite area.

Please note: Use this guide if you bought your domainname (e.g. via Weebly. When your website is being hosted by Weebly, but you bought your domainname from another domainname, use the directions for that domainname. When you are not sure who this is, you can easily ID your domainshhost.

When you log on, you get the verify data set in the Setup Wizard. Wasn' in the setup wizard? To find the verify data set, go to Find the Suite Setup Wizard. Copying your unambiguous verifying data set will take you back to this item and go to the 2nd step: Log in to your Domainserver.

Copy the complete clear validation set from the Value/Answer/Destination area. Tip: If you need a CNAME entry instead of a TXT entry, click in the Setup Wizard in the Create new TXT entry for your domains stage on Create CNAME entry. You copy both parts of this data set and insert them into the DNA entries of your domains.

Click the Verify your Domain and setup e-mail page in the Setup Wizard to open your login page for the Internet Service Provider in a new tabs to open the Weebly® website in a new tabs. Setup Wizard stays open on the first tabs. Register with Weebly.

In case you do not know your user name and your pass word, you can click Reset Pass word or call Weeblyupport. On your Weebly homepage, click Areas. Select the domainname you want to check with your Google servic. Then click Add Records. Type @ in the Host box. Insert the previously duplicated verifying data set into the Points To box.

Your new TXT entry will be listed in the DNS Records section. Go back to the setup wizard. Select the I have stored the verify record or click Verify to verify.

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