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Simply enter your search to find something with the most popular search engine on the Internet & find the best websites. Web Accelerator, free and secure download. Web Accelerator Google latest version: This is a free network program for Windows.

Download Google Web Accelerator

The Google Web Accelerator is a good, free piece of Windows only, network analysis tool with subcategories (Accelerators in particular). The Google Web Accelerator is a good, free piece of Windows only, network analysis tool with subcategories (Accelerators in particular).

It is available for Windows 2000 and earlier OS and can only be downloaded in English. In 2005, since the application became part of our range of applications and applications, it has already achieved 55,733 downloaded files and received 49 installed copies last weekend. The Google Web Accelerator is an elegant piece of web browsing and web browsing application that takes up less free disk storage than standard applications in the networkware section.

The Google Web Accelerator is an app that leverages the capabilities of Google's worldwide computer networking to accelerate the loading of web pages. The Google Web Accelerator is simple to use; all you have to do is downloading and installing, and from then on many web pages will start loading much quicker than before.

View and monitor your browsing activities - Computers

When Web & App activity is enabled, your Google Account stores your queries and activities from other Google features, so you get better results and recommendations. It'?s you who controls what's stored. You can also erase your previous quests and activities at any point or deactivate Web & App Activity.

Notice: If you received your Google Account through work or education, you may need to notify your admin to turn on the Web & App Activity for your business feature. Go to the Active Control page on your computer. We may ask you to log in to your Google Account. Turns web and app activities on or off.

When you turn on the button, you can select the checkbox next to "Include Chrome browser History and Activity from Sites and Applications that Use Google Sites. Please note: Some browser and device may have additional preferences that impact the storage of this action. To find and remove your search queries and browse activities, visit My activity.

Find out more about how to display and monitor or remove activities. If Web & App Action is enabled, Google stores information such as: Notice: The action can be stored even if you are off-line. There may be information such as: In order for Google to store this information: The Web & Apptivity must be switched on.

Check the checkbox next to "Include your browse histories and activities of sites and applications that use Google services". Only if you're logged in to your Google Account and have enabled Sync will your chart histories be stored. Find out more about Sync Chromes. If you are using a device that you share or log in with more than one user ID, the action may be stored in the web-browser or the device you are using on the standard one.

Find out more about how Google uses your stored activities and how Google keeps them personal. More information about how Google handles searches in general can be found in the Privacy Policy FAQs. You can customize your results by using search-related activities, even if you are logged out. You can also select the "Include Chrome browser browsing and activity from sites and applications that use Google services" option on the Privacy page.

If this check is selected, you can choose whether to save the action from your machine. Requests and websites you view may also be recorded in your web browsers or Google Toolbar. Find out how to clear your Chrome, Toolbar, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox histories.

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