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Here is a short video I shot for Carlos at Gorilla Themes.

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Hi everyone, I am driving a classed car and was looking for an Arabian besides English one.

Hi everyone, I am driving a classed car and was looking for an Arabian besides English one. I' ve got all the plugs attached & I' ve seen all the functions that help me & am OK even translated to Arabian, see secret links. Well my trouble is whenever I place a new ad, there is an Option to select the languages English/Arabic, & if I select English, then I don't see this posting on the Arab website hiding links and vice versa. What I do is not see on the Arab website hiding links.

Just want to make one posting & all adverts should appear in both tongues, with their different tongues as translations. In order to place a new ad, you have to change the English/Arabic version of the site from the administration area. Click the Configure Voice Information icon on the debug page.

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