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The GPL themes can be freely customized, redistributed and used on an unlimited number of domains. WordPress Premium Themes & Plugins Cheap or Free? Join the GPL clubs...


WordPress, if you don't know it yet, is a piece of open code GPL licensing work. It regulates what you can and cannot do with WordPress. Whilst the GPL licence allows you to re-use, alter and distribute WordPress for both your own and your own business use, you must publish your derived work under the same licence.

WordPress plugs and themes are also licenced under the same licence. This means that you can change, re-use, and even distribute all the free and paid-for WordPress plug-ins you buy. Whilst changing and distributing a plugin/theme created by someone else is not unlawful, some folks (especially developers) in the WordPress fellowship may consider it inappropriate.

In the WordPress commonwealth, these businesses are also known as GPL clubs. This is because these businesses do not always allow some of the more costly WordPress themes and plugin charges to go to them, especially if they don't know that the item is exactly what they need. Those shops do not create or upgrade plug-ins that they themselves are selling that allow them to resell the software at a much discounted price than if you had bought from the initial developers.

Whilst it is perfectly legitimate to get a copy of a plugin and theme from these shops, it is up to you to determine whether it is ethically acceptable or not: something to think about: Proprietors of these companies are mainly anonym because many in the WordPress fellowship consider it unfair to trade the work of other software engineers under their own names, and there have been many disputes about this in the past, and it should also be mentioned here that some software is protected, which is a very different affair.

I' ll take you through some of the more prestigious GPL clubs in this issue, where you can get great discounts on favorite themes and plug-ins. The GPL plugin provides over 2500 WordPress themes and plugs. Either purchase the plugins/themes separately for less than half the initial purchase or purchase a $21 per monthly paid upgrade plan.

On their website it says that they are updating the plugs and themes every single working days. This means that they refresh the plug-in file on their website as soon as a new plug-in fix is published by the initial writer. There are many WordPress plugs available at a very reasonable cost. Backup Buddy for example is available for only 10 Euro and Gravity Forms for only 7 Euro, GPL Vault is available since 2016.

More than 1400 GPL WordPress themes and plug-ins. Your subscription begins at only $10 per months, which you can terminate at any moment as stated on your website. They' also offering a 5-year schedule for a one-time $199 payout. Whilst they have 1400 complimentary plug-ins to choose from, you can't get more than 20 per tag due to their fairly balanced user policies.

There are many WordPress plug-ins like Beaver Builder, Backup Buddy, Gravity Forms and Easy Digital Downloads. Since 2016 on line, GPL Guru provides over 2000 free WordPress themes and plug-ins for a $9.99 per month fee. Unless you want to receive a free upgrade, you can purchase single plug-ins and designs from only ?5.

Every plug-in and topic you purchase separately will receive 365 free day free upgrades as soon as they are published by the initial developers. Provide all your WordPress plug-ins and themes for free on your website. Whilst they don't bill for the download of plug-ins and their update, they ask their user to donate if they like the servic.

The GPLDL provides over 1100 WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plug-ins. Your repertoire contains many favorite WordPress and WooCommerce plug-ins and themes such as Divi Builder, iThemes Backup Buddy, iThemes Security and Gravity Forms. Sold individual $10 worth of premier plug-ins and themes. They also offer a $15 per monthly plan that provides full coverage of all themes and plug-ins.

Among its products are a number of well-known plug-ins such as Backup Buddy, iThemes Security, WooThemes Sensei and Gravity Forms. The Woo Society provides over 190 WordPress and WooCommerce plug-ins. Like the name says, they mostly provide WooCommerce plug-ins and unlike other vendors on this page, they don't provide WordPress themes. Either you can purchase single plug-ins from only $9 per plug-ins or get your free $15 per months free upgrade plan.

Providing WooCommerce enhancements for integrations such as Twilio SMS notifications, Twilio SMS notifications and The GPL Chimp (formerly known as WooGang) provides over 300 WordPress plug-ins, themes and WooCommerce enhancements for a $15 per month payroll. It is also possible to buy single plug-ins from $10 per year. Your WordPress plugin library mainly contains WooCommerce enhancements.

The GPL Chimp library contains a number of favorite plug-ins including WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, Gravity Forms and Backup Buddy. The WP Null is a Ukrainian site that only looks and looks like a Rhineware torrent website, but is a GPL plug-in and topic vendor, just like the others on this one. In contrast to other suppliers, they do not provide a season ticket and do not allow you to buy plug-ins separately.

In order to be able to download themes and plug-ins, you must buy points from $4 for 10 points. More than 1500 premium WordPress themes and plug-ins, such as Gravity Forms, Beaver Builder, S2 Member Pro and iThemes Backup Buddy. The GPL Kit (formerly known as WooGPL) provides over 550 WooCommerce and WordPress plug-ins for only $7.5 for the first months and then $15 per months thereafter.

In contrast to other themes vendors, GPL Kit provides a WordPress plug-in under the same name that you installed on your WordPress Web site. With this plug-in you can then easily and instantly update and reinstall plug-ins from the GPL Kit library as new releases are made. You can use the 25-site GPL kit for just $15 per months.

Favorite WordPress and WooCommerce plugs like Monarch by Elegant Themes, Divi Builder and AffiliateWP are available. The Ultimate Woo is a WordPress plug-in that is a set of WooCommerce enhancements. It is marketed by the firm as "Jetpack For WooCommerce". Like the name implies, this subscription-based plug-in unlike most other vendors on this page only provides WooCommerce expansion.

WooCommerce includes WooCommerce enhancements such as Chained Products, 2Checkout Integration, Amazon S3 Integration and Drip Integration. Contrary to other vendors on this page, once you have installed Ultimate Woo, you can activate any of the 78 WooCommerce enhancements with just one click. And Ultimate Woo downloads plug-in upgrades as soon as they are published.

Your individual licence begins at $99 per year for a unique WordPress page. They can also get a business licence for up to 5 WordPress pages and a development licence for indefinite WordPress pages for $199 and $399 per year, respectively. WP Spring was founded in 2015 and provides access to hundred of WordPress plugs, WooCommerce enhancements and WordPress themes.

They can buy single plugs from $10. You can also get an all-access $15 per months plan that gives you full plug-in and topic coverage. When you are only interested in the topics, you can get their subscriptions for $10 per months. They provide WordPress plug-in, themes and WooCommerce enhancement update as soon as they are published, as stated on their website.

A number of well known WordPress plug-ins and WooCommerce enhancements including Gravity Forms, Restrict Content, 2Checkout Integration, Integration and AffiliateWP. Since 2015 Owlego is available since 2015 and provides over 1500 premium WordPress themes and plug-ins, which are added almost every months. Provide a free daily trading session with which you can get as many plug-ins as possible in one trading session.

Owlego's monthly subscriptions start at $10 per monthly and provide lifelong updating for up to 50 articles each. You can also purchase a $50 per year plan that provides lifelong updating for up to 500 articles you' ve down-loaded. Either plan allows you to dowload plug-ins and themes as often as you want, as long as you are a paid member, and provides lifelong upgrades to the plug-ins you dowload after the expiration of the subscriptions.

Several of the favorite premier plug-ins available from this vendor are Yast Spot Software, Gravity Forms and its add-ons, Autoblog and Social Locker for WordPress. There are also hundred of CodeCanyon and ThemeForest articles. From $8, Theme Canal offers individual sales of premier plug-ins and themes. Your $15 per month premier plan begins with an extra $5 one-time sign-up charge. Your offering includes favorite WordPress plug-ins such as Gravity Forms, AffiliateWP, Beaver Builder, Soon Pro and Advanced Custom Fields Pro.

We also offer a range of advanced WooCommerce features such as WooChimp, 2Checkout integration plug-in and WooCommerce 360 Images. The 96Down software provides over 1600 WordPress themes and plug-ins for just $18 per months that you can use on WordPress web pages. They offer much-loved premier plug-ins such as Elementor Pro, Yast Advanced Edition and Gravity Forms.

Every 12 hrs they update their website with new themes and plug-ins. The GPL Life provides hundred of WordPress topics, plug-ins and WooCommerce enhancements that you can purchase from only $5. If you purchase a particular article, you will get an update for the next 365 dates.

They can also purchase a 30, 90, or 35-day $19, $44, and $99 plan. Your unsubscription is not recurrent, i.e. you must make a manual payment every months if you wish to keep using the services. Your library of high-quality WordPress plug-ins include Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, Divi Builders from Elegant Themes, and Backup Buddy from iThemes.

There are also several hundred designs in GPLLife's collections from some of the most famous brands such as Elegant Themes, App Themes and StudioPress. So if you're just getting started as a blogshop and don't want to waste a thousand dollars just testing the water, purchasing plug-ins from one of these companies can help you safe a fortune.

The majority of these vendors do not include automated update assistance. This means that you must physically update your plug-in by first download it from these vendors and then reinstall it yourself. Some vendors on this page, such as GPL Kit and Ultimate Woo, are offering a plug-in that provides a set of plug-ins that can be activated with just one click.

The one-click installation plug-ins also provide automated plug-in upgrades, just as you would get them if you purchased from the plug's initial creator. Have you ever purchased a plug-in from one of these vendors, or are considering purchasing one from these vendors, we suggest you purchase the plug-in from the initial writer after you've tried it out to assist the initial developers or get acces to client assistance when you need it.

If it is not ethical to distribute plug-ins created by a third person under your own name is up to you, but according to the laws it is not - topic and plug developers opt to distribute their plug-ins under the GPL licence, which gives explicit consent to humans to resell or give away their plug-ins if they wish.

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