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Adjust GPS date and time to your time zone

I' ve done some arduino experiments that include a GPS modul with some kind of recording. Every time I had trouble transforming the NMEA collected timestamp into locale time, or just gave up and used an RTC in my work. I' ve tried to keep the coding as easy as possible, with many choices for your set-up, Uno or Mega, as well as peripheral soft and hard disk connectivity.

I have also integrated time zoning into a basic feature that can be duplicated and inserted directly into your own outline. You need to reinstall the TinyGPS++ and AltSoftSerial libraries for the drawing to be compiled properly. Having used the TinyGPS++ libraries, I had better compatiblity with the GPS module I have.

AltSoftSerial makes it easy to connect a number of different units to your Uno. It' not a big deal when using a super, but if you want to connect your peripheral to different pieces of hardware, this is the simplest libraries I've found.

begin (9600); Serial.println ("Waiting for GPS time ...."); int Year =; xe xe xe x e Xe Me period =

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