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Resolver - interrogation and modification function represented on the keys. resolvers should make a pledge when they perform arbitrary operation. authStrategy the ( optionally ) authentification policy applied to /graphql routes. The default is false. The default is wrong. AuthStrategy - (optional) authentification policy applied to /graphiql routes. Following decoration is done on the HTTP servers to facilitate the use of a standalone graphics plug-in with several other plug-ins. servers. registerSchema({ scheme, solvers }) - similar to the plugin's initial registry option, but this merges the scheme with any previous scheme already registrated on the servers.

It is useful to merge a number of arbitrary graphics schemas/resolvers into a common database repository. serve. makeExecutableSchema({ schema, resolvers, preResolve ) ) - combines resolver with the scheme definitions in a graphicsQL scheme. serve.plugins.graphi. Publish (message, object) - Post a news item to all users where the news item is the name of the news item and the news item is the content of the news item. MakeExecutableSchema({ scheme, resolve, preResolve }) - Merge resolver with scheme definitions in a GraphQLSchema. Last Name: string! Person(First Name: string!):

The following is a list of the resolvers:::::::::::::,'':::,:, ; ; ; . ;:::: ; You can also set your solvers as hapiroutes. This enables any Resolver to take advantage of autoroute dataaching, user-defined authentication policies, and all other high-performance surface mapping router functions.

Every trip should either use the user-defined way'graphql' or should include a day called'graphql' and the pathname should be the code name for the tool preceded with /. You can also merge and associate your tool with trips. First name: string! Last name: string! Person(First name: string!):

Graphi uses us to administer our GraQL subscription. So if you plan to use subscription, you need to sign up with the HTTP servers. A subscription scheme on the servers will routinely have these subscription accounts subscribed with user accounts, and graphical representations show assistant features to facilitate publication for them.

The following is a full example of how to register and publish a scheme. First Name: String! Last Name: String! E-mail:

In the example above, the pathname that the client should use will depend on the type of email, but in the example above this would be '/personCreated/peter'. Every scheme given by JoiType directive is transformed into effective scales. This makes it possible to graphically generate more meaningful graphical diagram definition. If, for example, you want to allow the generation of a well-trained operator, the scheme may look like this, resulting in validation of entry field values before the field values are transferred to any resolver.

The following scheme, for example, causes the first name to be capitalized in the reply.

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