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Insight into the latest design trends, news from the sector Good logos demand high pricing, and for good reasons. The design of a logotype with an on-line tool is now possible for a small fee. It' almost too simple to make a joke of the whole thing, but apart from the assumption, is it possible to order a proper logotype from these places? Axolight, the leading light producer in Italy, commissioned Teikna Design to completely redesign its business.

A prizewinning design for business reporting. The design vocabulary is worldwide. Fanbrandz Sr: Michael Raisch, Sr: Design and New Medi a d direc tor at Fanbrandz, also manages Raisch Studios, where he realized his latest project:

Blogger Top 10 Graphic Design

Now I share with you my top 10 graphic design blogger. Well, these are not big graphic design companies or blogs with more than one contributor (except for the uneven visitor post). Blogs that are exclusively created by a single individual, graphic or web design artist. The design of your company is critical to your company. Download our free check list for your free design to make sure you do it right.

A few week ago I published a listing of my 10 most popular creative design agencies. Smoothly and in no particular order, here are my ten favorite graphic design blogs. Airey operates a variety of great design-related blogs, among them his own design blogs on, Logo Design Love and Identity Design.

It is also the writer of two very popular books: Design Love Logotype (the book) and Work For Money, Design For Love. David's way of typing involves his readership when he divides his thoughts on a wide range of design-related topics, from logodesign to the graphic design shop to the best pool in the whole heap.

I' ve only recently found Paul Jarvis' blogs, but they are packed with great thoughts and great posts. Even though Paul is a web design artist, I put him on this page because his blogs are really great and he does a great deal of design work. Swear on his blogs, he tell him what it's like and that probably gives some support, but that's what I find most amusing about his blogs.

My favorite Paul item wasn't heavily graphic design related. Instead of operating and updating a default blogsite, Jessica Hische operates a site named Thoughts. She does exactly what it says on the can and is a site for Jessica where she publishes her thoughts on a whole range of design-related things.

Getting Free Work is my particular favorite of her thoughts, in which she divides hints with Freelancern, alumni and student, as the titles says already, in order to work free-lance. I' ve been browsing Graham's Logo' Smith'slog for a while, maybe two or three years. During this period he re-incarnated his blogs in several cases.

Graham debates a wide range of graphic design inspirations in his blogs, from logos and case histories to retail business tooling and new, confused computer programs. As Graham has a lot of great stuff on his blogs, it's packed with great information. like Looking to Fire a Logos Designer?

Perhaps you would like to see that this acts as a "public service" for the general population, shopkeepers, etc. and that even graphic professionals nod their minds in agreement. GRAMHAM also divides a plethora of contributions to the hallmark identification pathway on his website. You can also download his free data sheet on logos and trademark guidelines.

Graham, I think, sees his Blog as a place to help other artists, and that's what's great about him. In addition to his own blogs, Graham operates the Website Logo Stack, a website that can be curated from the physical and filtered by designers/designers. HeĀ also manages the Brand Legends website, which indices the iconographic brand names from the twentieth centuries.

A great blogs owner, great design writer and a great fellow as you can imagine. And he also worked for Carrot Creative, one of my favorite design companies. Jacob was one of the first designers to introduce it on his own website when reactive web design became a thing.

At the same base, he also modified his award-winning JCD pen name. Jacob's blogs are neat, reactive and above all rose (or magagenta, or whatever). Marking, Identity & Logo Design Explained was the item that led me to Jacobs' website, a fabulous item that does exactly what it says on the can.

WAC Design in the centre of Birmingham. He is also a regular user of my website design forums, but I am not prejudiced, promised. He is very actively involved in promoting design forums and the design communities and has occasionally been interviewing me for his website. Will' s blog offers a wide range of great content: stories, testimonials, news and more.

On a weekly basis, Will hosts a feature entitled The Creative Chair in which he conducts a series of face-to-face conversations and discussions with individuals from a variety of different areas. He has introduced artists from the graphic design and photographic sectors as well as preposterous (but interesting) areas of creativity such as preparation. Although Andrew Kelsall's website focuses on his own blogs, he is so preoccupied that he hardly has much spare moment to refresh them.

Headquartered in Leeds, England, Andrew is a committed father of a youngster. He has designed many CD cover art, logo design and works with many different groups of churches. And one of the things that interests me about Andrews Blogs is the degree of detail it provides compared to other blogs.

Andrews Blogs is definitely something for reading and he probably has a posting about whatever it is you're trying to figure out. Spooner is a great name in the realm of on-line graphic artists. Starting as a small blogs, running alongside his creativity, it has become one of the go blogs on the web for learning and tutoring tools, ressources and technologies.

Besides the graphic design website, Chris also operates Line 25, a web design site devoted to web design. Chris' blogs are full of inspirations, suggestions, techniques as well as Tutorials that can help even the best graphic and web design professionals make a difference. Would you like to know how to design an over fashion hairdresser badge?

Anyway, Chris has an essay on it. A great Links of the Week features that delivers the latest and most thrilling treats from the Internet. Chris' blogs also touch the movie business a little, take a look at his great Alcatraz footing; the Chris website is really unsurpassed for its online tutorials, as he gives some of the best and greatest walthroughs to get the results you want.

When you' re looking for an introduction to the graphics or web design worlds, take a look at what Chris has to offer. What Chris has to say. From a technical point of view, I'm deceiving here again, but Paul Boag is such a power in the design community that he really can't be excluded from this mailing list.

He is a source of information; web-based, design-oriented, marketing-oriented, business-oriented, business-oriented, whatever, he probably has written about it. The Boagworld website, a platform for web and online consulting, is operated by Paul. And I know that many will say that I betrayed Mr Boag by putting him on this mailing, but if you give his blogs a shot and a good reading, you will accept that he just had to be here.

James isn't too busy with writing blogs, but every Tuesday he puts a question and answer section on his website Youtube. For me, this is a blogs. is a very smart man who manages a productive design studio. Forget it. For some free moments and to see some graphic design and design retail related movies, visit James Victore's YouTube channels and take a look.

As I was putting together this top ten graphic design blogger roster, I realized that many design-related blogs are run collaborationally. Sites like Creative Bloq and Vandelay Design are great, but they are collaboration tools, so I didn't introduce them. It' s really hard to find well-maintained, relevantly up-to-date graphic design blogs run by a sole creator.

Do you have any thoughts about the blogs referenced in this article, or would you like to suggest a new one for me to view, please add a comments below.

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