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Refresh the Windows XP video driver. In Windows XP, you can check for video driver updates by following these steps: One: Options: Automatic recognition of identity First of all, you must uniquely define your graphic processor. Click the Windows Desktop with the right mouse button and choose Graphic Properties. Older drivers: Choose the Information Center drop-down menu, then click Help. Driver versions are displayed as driver versions.

Newer riders: Then click Options & Help > Information Center. Driver release is shown under System Information.

When you have an older graphic driver, click on the information icon in the lower right area. The System register card lists the graphic driver in the Driver Revision box. There is a graphic driver name with the graphic driver number. Consult your computer or board maker for the latest computer videodrivers.

You will find the driver number of the graphic driver below the graphic display unit. Consult your computer or board maker for the latest computer videodrivers. Identifies your graphic driver in a DirectX* Diagnostic (DxDiag) report: Used to locate your graphic driver in the mysnfo32 report: Used to locate your graphic driver in the Devices Manager:

Find the right graphic driver. Please be sure to use the latest driver.

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NoteYour computer vendor may have custom driver and softwares that you can use to turn on or change functions or improve your computer's performance. For the latest update and tech support information, please consult the vendor. Please dowload the graphic driver zipped byte. Extract the files to a specific place or directory. On my computer, click Search for driverware.

When you click Let me choose from a dropdown menu of devices on my computer. Use the specified storage locations or folders and a Graphics directory. Choose the xigdlh64 or xigdlh files. The driver will now be downloaded. For checking the driver installation: On the Driver page, click the Driver button. Check that the driver version and driver date are accurate.

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To upgrade your video drivers for maximum gaming power

Video driver is the piece of softwares that allows your OS and applications to use your computer's video display device. When playing computer gaming, you should upgrade your computer's video driver to get the best out of your computer equipment. What time do you need to upgrade your driver? Beforehand, we recommended you not to force your riders to upgrade, and we do.

The majority of hard disk driver supplied with your computer - or via Windows Update - are ok. We make an exemption, however, for NVIDIA, AMD or even Intel graphic driver for your graphic devices. Updating your computer's Motherboard, audio cards, and networking driver will generally not result in performance enhancements. This is not the case with upgraded driver for your graphic board, also known as graphic board or graphic board driver.

Both NVIDIA and AMD often publish new graphic driver releases, which typically deliver significant enhancements in gaming experience. As Intel takes built-in graphic power more and more seriously, they have also begun to publish more regular driver upgrades. This is a small part of the changes made to NVIDIA's latest graphic driver suite (Release 387), which was published on December 20, 2017:

This type of improvement in output with upgraded graphic driver is not unusual. Whilst newer titles attract most of the interest, even some older titles see a significant improvement in overall gaming experience with upgraded driver technology. If you never gamble on your computer and don't bother with your 3-D graphic power, you don't really need to upgrade your video driver.

A number of ways are available to help locate your computer's graphic display device, both integrated and external. Search for your graphic card type in the entry "Adapter type" or "Adapter description" on the right. When you see both Intel and NVIDIA hard drives on a notebook, your notebook is likely to use an intelligent switched architecture to move between its more battery-powered Intel graphs and the more in-game version of your notebook's graphics.

If so, you should upgrade your NVIDIA driver to improve your gameplay experience. You may not be able to get a driver directly from the video card vendor for some kinds of video networking devices that are built into your computer (also known as portable computer GPUs). We may need to get upgraded driver software from your local lap top vendor, and they may not publish regular upgrades.

In general, however, you can obtain upgraded video driver software from your video vendor's website: It is necessary to choose the precise video board type of your computer that is shown in the Device Manager screen. With all three big brands, you can type the specifications of your adaptor on the website and directly dowload the correct driver.

There is also the possibility to have the website check your system to find out what driver you need to use. With an NVIDIA adaptor, you also have a third choice - a service called NVIDIA GeForce Experience that will run in the back on your computer. Please note: In the past, AMD provided a very similar service called AMD Gaming Evolved, which provided driver upgrades and gameplay optimisation.

Remember that if you have older graphic cards, they will not be fully compatible forever. Finally, vendors move older pieces of equipment to a robust driver version that they no longer optimize and update. When your graphic controller is five years old, it is very likely that optimised driver for it will no longer be published.

It depends on the vendor how long your device is used.

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