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Best 75 Free Designer Font Products These newly upgraded free designer typefaces feature the best free typefaces in the game. We' ve selected the gems from the thousand less perfect free typefaces available for you to use in your design and illustration work. There are a large number of free typefaces available. To help you find the font you are looking for, we have divided our library into eight categories:

Re-tro and classic lettering - the ideal way to transport your design into the past. Those scripts also work very well in sci-fi artworks. Continue reading to select the best free typefaces you can get and use today. Athena is a stylish serial font that successfully combines the peculiar and the traditionally.

Matt Ellis has created this typeface with some beautiful details, among them slim beams resembling art deco fonts and beautiful ballterminals. This is a middle contrasting typeface for web use. Nicolás Silva developed it to ensure better readability than other railway tyres even with smaller point heights.

Generally, dedicated typefaces work better for on-screen use, but this free series has been specifically developed for a convenient on-screen viewing environment. Bittern was created by Sol Matas and is available through the Argentinean Huerta Tipográfica collaboration. Inspired by the Enlightenment of Europe in the last eighteenth and twentieth centuries and the font design of John Baskerville, this free serial font is a unique and unique design that is a perfect match for any stencil.

Font creation is a joint venture under the direction of Claus Eggers Sørensen. The Lora is a free font that has its origins in calendar printing. Initially developed for the Cyreal Typefoundry in 2011, with a Cyrillic expansion in 2013, it is available in four styles: normal, fat, cursive and fat cursive.

Broken corners contrasts with drifting serifs to give this free type a harmonious, modern look. Influenced by Dala Floda and the Bodoni dynasty, Butler is a free typeface created by Fabian De Smet. It was his goal to give a little modernisation to serial typefaces by working on the bends of classic serial type and introducing an additional range of stencils.

Arevo is a geometrical slab-serif typeface range suited for both screening and printing applications. The font was developed by Anton Koovit and released in the Google Font Index as a free open font (OFL). In contrast to many slot sarifs in Google fonts, Archo contains regular, cursive, bold, as well as fat italics.

Here is a free type face specifically designed for producing books, powered by old Garamond fonts. It is also the preferred free font of Taylor Palmer, an experienced UX type design professional from Utah, USA. "The Crimson is a refined typeface that is a beautiful substitute for Garamond fonts," he says. There are six types in this free font family: three weightings (light, normal, and bold), with corresponding real italic type.

It was published under the SIL Open Font License and created by Alessio Laiso, a IBM Dublin design engineer, to accompany the Lato style serial font. The Neuton is an uncomplicated typeface with a large font size and cantilevers. Brian Zick, a type face design engineer, compared his typeface to Times New Roman and explained that it can be useful for form or work papers and is particularly suitable for italic.

The Brela is a humanist typeface that was developed solely for editing purposes. Featuring a large x-height, it is easy to read even with small formats, but also works in big fat news stories. Created by the Makarska Studio in Spain, this free font is available in heavy and heavy weight. The Libre Baskerville is a web font optimized for continuous text (typically 16px).

It' s built on the Baskerville of the American font founder of 1941, but has a larger x-height, broader bars and slightly less contrasts, making it well suited for viewing on your computer monitor. The open code projects are managed by Impallari Typ, a font designs founder located in Rosario, Argentina. "Taylor Palmer, a UX Sr. from Utah, USA, raves, "I like to keep an eye on the Libre typefaces, like Libre Baskerville.

They also recommend that you take a look at Libre Franklin, which is also free. "Liberal Franklin listens to powerful, time-honored fonts like Franklin Gothic, which have the declaratory character of a paper title, but are easy enough to be used as a sales text," he states. The Jura is a remarkable typeface of elegance, characterized by its slim dimensions and striking detail, among them its round, wedge-shaped s serifs.

Designed by British fashion house Ed Merritt, this font reads "pay what you feel ist fair", so contributions are welcome. The Fénix is a calligraphically oriented font that works both as a text screen and a text copy. Serif and coarse lines provide a nice rythm when you read long passage ways in small text size.

The Luthier is a modern font with pronounced sharpness and contrasts, available in two line widths and italic. Adrià Gómez, a free font from Barcelona, was chosen by the artist. Slabo, currently the most beloved Google Fonts serial number one, was developed by John Hudson, co-founder of the Tiro Typeworks family.

The Slabo is a burgeoning library of size-dependent web phonts, with Slabo 127px and Slabo 13pxout, which have so far been tailored for use in these unique pixels. Ligature blocks give the face a contemporary touch, ideal for on-line use. Bree serif was developed by the TypeTogether independent typefoundry and is the free Bree font series' cousin.

Bree serif is referred to as "friendly erect italic" and is fashionable and has an easy-to-read face when used in large dot size. Merriweather is a truly open code free serial font and has its own GitHub projects. Sorkin Type created it to be readable especially on monitors. "They are characterised by a very large x-height, slightly compressed letter shapes, a slight oblique load, robust serifs and open shapes," they say.

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