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Grafic Image, Inc. is a designer and producer of luxurious leather data books, magazines, books and personal accessories. Graphic Image, Inc. has expanded to include GiGi New York under the direction of Tom Glazer and Carol O'Connell.


Print, Graphics, Direct mailshots, Fulfillment - Achieving something together! Everything is covered, from cards to catalogues, with in-house designs and post. Our company is highly competent, quick to react and invests in your time-critical work. We have a dedicated graphic and pre-press staff to help fulfill your needs in pre-press. No matter whether you need entire layouts, support in designing or finished drafts - we will do it quickly and cost-effectively.

We have our own email & fulfilment service offering all types of US post as well as UPS, FedEx collection every day. We can work with your provided information or help you with an individual mailing lists to fulfill your requirements. You can also follow the post via the post flow to verify the home date information for time-critical items.

Call us at: (312) 829-7800

Chicago's Finest Printing Service - By leveraging the most sophisticated in-house print and enhancement capabilities, we make sure you leave a highly polished, highly qualified image with your audiences.... Our solution is designed for businesses and organisations that require high print performance. Our company specialises in high-quality production and the implementation of creative print processes to produce your results.

There are many factors that can make our assignments more challenging than they already are in our industry of work, print and graphic arts. Now, I am not saying that pressure is more challenging than any other profession, but it requires a great deal of patient, dedication, time, skill and skill to succeed.

We' ve been using Graphic Image for two dozen years, mainly for 4-colour high gloss magazines, but also for poster, display and many specialised, distinctive print orders. We' ve been working with Graphic Image for over 15 years. Graphic Image's boys are the ones you want near you when you're looking at a crucial task with an impractical timeframe.

The graphic image is astonishing! You are my entry into the printing industry when I have a project that is too big to be printed in-house.

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