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Cheap premium royalty-free stock photography and vector illustrations. Cheap premium royalty-free stock photography and vector illustrations. Compare with other agents The Graphic Leftovers is one of the smaller microphone companies, but offers few nice surprise. In September 2010 I began there because I wanted to use my artwork on iSyndica (which was shut down a few working day later, R.I.

P. iSyndica). I was really amazed at my income from this agent next time! From $1 to $20, this is your own price tag for each of your pictures in this stock microstore.

Their turnover is 52% - Graphic Leftovers is a Fair Trade Contributor Site. The majority of other microwave stock websites have much lower revenues - 15, 20, 30 per cent. In the beginning I didn't have much turnover with my product range (only 300 illustrations), but because of the prices (I left the standard value of $6 there) the earnings were high.

During September and November, revenues from graphic remnants accounted for about 25 per cent of BigStock's or 123RF's revenues (but the asset value was different - GL about 300 pictures, BS and 123 about 2500 pictures). By December I already had 1000 pictures on graphic remains and the revenue was the same as on BS and 123!

And I had to say that I still only have half my GL portfolios. If I uploaded my whole folder (about 3000 images), I think I can get interesting results. Uploading is very simple - just FTP it. Leftowers Graphic is a good agent for vintage stock vets (people who have several hundred pictures in their portfolio) - if you have few pictures, you will be waiting a long time for your first one.

Graphic Remnants Review GL Stock Images aka Grafikreste

The GL stock imagery is simple, simple and clear. This is a fresh diversion from other bigger picture studios. Searching is simple, but with a small picture gallery this is sufficient. Purchase GL Imagery stills: purchase option: There is only one purchase method for GL stock images that makes price structuring simple and clear.

The GL Stock Images has a very simple searching machine. Scan by Filesetype, Last and Collect. The GL Stock images staff has done what it takes to create a wide range of collectibles and gallery sites to help shoppers find what they're looking for.... If you buy your picture, the default licence (similar to a free licence) is automatically.

In addition, the merchandise licence costs 45 US dollars and entitles the buyer to use the picture for merchandise purposes. Each licence has a copy threshold of 10,000 applications per picture. Individual picture purchases - The purchase procedure at GL Stock images allows anyone to buy individual pictures quickly.

Vektor pictures are $6 US$, Smal pictures are $1 US$, middle pictures are $3 US$ and big pictures are $6 US$. The frame buy is technologically not what they do, but the system is inexpensive enough to permit frame buy in one buy meeting. The GL Stock was designed by professional designers who thanked the participants for their work.

The GL Blogs is funny, angular, but above all, it focuses on the exchange of designer trending, market insights and the latest breaking stories. Founded by professional designers to create a refreshing and distinctive footprint in the floor imaging market, GL is committed to providing reasonable prices and equitable fees for all participating creators and creators.

The latest upgrading has allowed this image company to be competitive at a higher standard in this area. It'?s an agent that'?s definitely deserving of observation. global storage is new and grows. Your picture company is simple, your prices are reasonable and your pictures are relatively inexpensive. GLtock Images is continuing to build a web architechture with the updated website in 2012 and the new brand-name to better service its clients and provide more functionality to its salespeople.

At GL Stock Image, there are no bewildering subscription, credit or complex purchasing procedures. Browse, buy, and use the pictures for your themes.

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