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A one-stop shop for your graphics workshop. Art designer in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Klip Art Individual Design Digital Paper & Cards by GraphicMarket

It is your responsibility to download the pictures I am sending to your e-mail address to your computer/device. The pictures will only be resent 2 x within 24 hrs after purchasing. So if you want to submit it to a Facebook affiliate or another location, please let me know in an e-mail or chat.

Make sure that you have an e-mail that accepts your attachment. Pictures are for articles that YOU produce yourself and that YOU are selling to the end user and have not been produced by a third person for resale or wholesaling without authorization. For additional licensing charges please do not hesitate to get in touch with GraphicMarket. The majority of my articles are designed ressources, which means that they can NOT be produced and distributed as they are, but can be used to make your own custom desig.

Do not use any of my pictures in posters, logo's, Avatar's, web use or for brands, reselling of pictures to other companies without additional licence. Don't view any of my pictures as your own or display them incorrectly. It also allows them to use them in "personalized" invitations or advertisements without printing or digitally delivering photographic contents.

Do not redistribute as before or use in sales template. It cannot be used in printed matter or electronic kit or other electronic product such as generics invitations that are delivered in electronic form. It gives an additional charge for use on your own sites for small businesses. Okay for small quantities of handmade handicrafts like magnet, mirror, handmade card and the like.

Low quantities mean about 20 to 40 pieces.

You will find high-quality graphic arts, clips, holiday maps, marriage maps, paper and much more.

You will find high-quality graphic arts, clips, holiday maps, marriage maps, paper and much more. Small businesses can also get restricted and expanded licenses for most of my articles. Every piece of work in the w...y store is genuine. My illustrations are from the ground up and I do not use electronic scrapbooks.

Simply buy 2 items in my store and you can select 1 FREE kit of your choosing on the country page for downloading.

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