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A graphic design company specializing in WordPress website design and print/PDF design based in Lambertville, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. graphics design companies|website design companies|WordPress developers Our experts for WordPress sites are for companies of all heights. Our company is specialized in WordPress web pages. WorldPress is an awesome plattform that looks like this and can do almost anything. We have many motivations why we like WordPress, but here are just a few: The WordPress is powerfull.

WordPress can do almost anything with free and commercially available plug-ins.

The WordPress is simple to use.

In contrast to many other CMSs, WordPress is not very complex or exaggerated for most commercial web sites, but still very functional. The WordPress alone works well with the main searching machines. The addition of some plug-ins makes it an ultimate powerful package for your website. Some of the best things a WordPress website user can do to protect himself from Hacking or other disasters (like servers problems) are 1) periodic off-site backup and 2) keeping the WordPress kernel file, plug-ins and topics up to date.

Backup: If your website gets compromised or if your web host is malfunctioning, dependable, easy-to-recover backup helps you get back to normality quickly. Update: It is really important that you keep your WordPress kernel file, plug-ins and designs in the latest state. WordPress kernel file releases, plug-ins and designs are published as often as every few week.

Usually these are safety fixes that help stop potentially hacking and other types of evil activities. Your back-up schedule saves WordPress file and data base backup to a secret location on a secure workstation. We back up at least once a month and usually keep 10 weekly times only. Back-up/update schedule contains back-ups, but also keeps your WordPress kernel data, plug-ins and designs up to date.

Back-up/Update schedule also contains two safety plug-ins that keep unwanted people out. Graphic arts printing services include: info graphic, business report, technical report and information report, diagrams, graphic and map, brochure and catalogue, advertisement and package designs, as well as graphic displays, exhibition and exhibition work. Indeed, many PDF project are only those that can contain page to page hyperlinks, web page and video hyperlinks, Microsoft Powerpoint presentation hyperlinks, and other PDFs.

A company's corporate image and trademark are the key elements of your corporate identities. Allow us to help you get your next graphic or website projects off the ground. Just let us help you.

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