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The top 10 websites: Graphic Designer Ressources This is the best resource for graphic artists who want to know how to use types! The Mastering Model Bundle teaches you everything from the type's story, vocabulary, charts, and guidelines to samples and classes of new types you can use in your designs. On a monthly basis, we browse the high seas accessible on the web to present you with a selection of the best designer sites.

We found the sites listed below extraordinarily interesting this past few months for two reasons: the attraction of the elaborate, attractive designs and the fact that some of these sites are aimed at education. They include a page where you can explore the detail behind a new web fonts every single night, and a re-designed website for the recurring Debbie Millman designs.

It is a life-long effort for all, so HOW is always grateful for those who create more content and education for graphic artists. Missed last month's top 10 sites? From May 18th, for 100 consecutive trading sessions, the aim of Typ Detail is to comment on a web script every single working session and to draw attention to the nice features of the types that are often ignored.

Down-to-earth Chicago-based designer whose website is courageous but tidy with colour and type options. The graphic designer instantly gets involved by creating a logo animation in various ways (Hit Fresh on his homepage). Lindsay Humes' web site offering a comprehensive range of Lindsay Humes web site, resources and blogs. Brand and designer company that encourages you to interactively work with its website by slightly changing the page's content as you move.

Stumbbble, driven by DriveBble, is an easy way to search and explore designers' portfolios pages. Think about submitting a website that you think should be added to this top site listing next week. Web Art collections include:

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