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What kind of income does an ordinary GraphicRiver (Envato) make for an ordinary graphic artist? Hello, at the moment I have two articles on added and earned on a monthly basis 30$. I plan to have 10 articles within 3 weeks, so my earnings will rise to $50-80, but it's about your design excellence and your approach. The first point is the washing machine ui kits and the second is the nutrition-kits.

My first object sells well and makes good bucks with it. Do you also assume "average" abilities? Basically there are many different kinds of graphs on the website. My own personal wisdom is that each commission is valuable in its own right, and it is up to the artists and patrons to come to an agreement on a prize with which both are satisfied. A Review

Be it a useful freelance website, blogs or marketing space, you always have the wish to deserve and study as a professional design professional. I' m going to check out in this post one of the top websites/marketplaces where art professionals can promote their art and make a living. divider ]What is GraphicRiver and who does it belong to?

GraphicRiver, is part of "Envato". Network of marketplaces. It is the place where designer from all over the world are competing to market their work. divider ]How can I upload my contents to GraphicRiver? First of all, you need to register an Envato account (this works for all marketplaces) by logging in. Then there is a MCQ-based test that you have to undergo to release its contents.

It' s related to the rules and conditions of the marketplace and is quite simple (yes! You can guessed all the answers). Then you can add your own contents to your profile. The article can be a Kick-Ass emblem, a PSD celebration leaflet, a T-shirt design, a mock-up artwork, etc.

You can publish your data on the market place either via FTP or their uploaders. You' ll then have to await an examiner to check your design, and if he/she agrees to your ideas, the article will be posted and you will be alerted by e-mail. In addition, the prices for your items are determined according to the market place fees.

When someone purchases your items, the amount will be credited to your bankroll. One very important characteristic of this market place is the affiliate programme. Allows you to administer your affilate banners/links via the authorsashboard. Admittedly, the affiliated programme can sometimes be irritating for the vendor, as the referring party is also a stockholder of the sales made.

Although it is difficult to divide your income with anyone, it is still not a poor business if the selling curve continues to rise. I' m an enthusiastic design professional, part-time blogger as well as technological fan.

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