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You can download templates and vector graphics free of charge. Download Transcript of Lightroom Presets graphic driver for free! We've tried to make things as easy as possible for photographers when you download one of these logos - you'll get a PSD file that you can quickly edit yourself! Free download the best GRAPHICRIVER themes & templates, scripts, graphics &

vectors. The files are fully editable and can be downloaded for free.

Download Vector Stock Image for free

Large pack of 55 smooth pattern vectors. These have been manually inked and transformed into vectorial smooth designs. You can use our Gold Silver mock-up to present your emblem or Badge in a real world setting, download the mock-up from the download links below and see our other Silver mock-ups here.

It is a contemporary Arabian newsprint that has been meticulously designed in the Naskhi calendar graphic sense, the most readable and appropriate Arabian continuous text format. Conceived as a accompaniment to Greta Text, it transposes the Greta principals into Arabian writing and the scripture system. Graeta arabian is spicy and crunchy, serious and clear.

Don't let your creativity slow you down today because we have the right tool for you. Our all-inclusive package contains all the symbols you will ever need. The 2400+ color vector iconic package keeps you up to date with some amazingly beautiful design. Featuring around 14 different choices, such as Christmas, food, music, travel, education, electronics and more, these colorful symbols will bring new vibrancy to your design.

These symbols are all simple to modifiy, simple to create and simple to use with their diverse data formats. Create & Clean Corporate Business Print Pack - FlySpa is a very efficient, full featured Print Pack for any kind of corporate business.

Free 35+ PowerPoint infographics templates for your business presentation

PowerPoint, on the other side, is still the prefered presentation software. Together, these two things make PowerPoint infographics submissions very popular for commercial use, and more! Today's item includes 35 free PowerPoint infographics artwork and transparencies to help you with your presentation. Production of polypropylene (PPTX) files so that you are all ready to begin working in PowerPoint.

Changing colours, moving items, resizing.... or just replacing the text with your own text. 15 ready-made PowerPoint infographical template collections that can be fully customised to your liking. This really large HubSpot library is available free of charge in return for your corporate information.

Functions include: colour scheme, different topics, font for designing, symbols and forms. An entirely free and fully customized set of infographics in PowerPoint. Convenient graphics and diagrams are provided to help you visualise your work. To download these free ressources, it is necessary to enter your corporate information.

Stylish PowerPoint templates from no-more that can be downloaded and used for free. State-of-the-art designs include practical infographics that make it especially simple for you to visualise all your stats and information. This free artwork contains 41 fantastic foils including: covers, agendas, dividers, spreadsheets, diagrams, funnels, time axes, a globe chart, creativity cornerstones, you can also purchase 15 free foils courtesy of no-more!

Showeet's Showeet free edition contains over 40 editing items that allow you to create a PowerPoint infography. There is a great variety of graphs giving you the liberty to visualise any kind of information simply. Including 43 prefabricated diagrams; bright and dim subject; 16:9 aspect ration; freely usable, assignment necessary. This is a neat and minimalist 3-D graphic artwork of an infographics in PowerPoint.

In addition to the free resources, the Konsus staff has produced a tutorial that will help you find out how to make your own infographics. It will also help you understanding how to work with the pattern and how to manipulate all its items. Convenient visualization tools include: a donut diagram, a gateau diagram, a bars graph, as well as symbols and people.

PowerPoint's advanced wide screen infographics templates include everything you need to view your work. Easily modify the position, color, and size of items to match your style. This additional effect gives this pattern a fresh look and certainly makes the look more appealing. SlideModel provides this free ressource.

Parcel will be delivered free of charge in replacement for your e-mail. Printed 8 multifunctional foils; useful business-related signs such as money pig, hand-shake, male/female signs, car, etc.; forms of vectors and signs; 16:9 relationship. Totally free PowerPoint infographics templates with editing features. Launched by ByPeople, this free resources contains 25 foils, so you have all the essentials you need to create an eye-catching Infographical Slideshow.

It is possible to modify the colours and dimensions of all images and graphical items according to your wishes. To download the files, you have to register first. You can download this colourful info graphics slides in plain format both in wide and wide format for free. There are also two colour variations in the download file: bright and deep, so that the film can flow into the overall feel of your presentations.

This PowerPoint info graphic foil has the following features: Choice of 2 4:3 and 16:9 page ratios; 2 colour choices; text placeholder with Helvetica- and calibration-free scripts; fully customisable forms and colours. Benefit from 3 fun pencil-based info graphics in PowerPoint provided by PresentationGo. These info graphic films are created in a contemporary, shallow design.

Available in 4:3 default and 16:9 widescreen formats; presented with bright and dim background; 100% customisable items; text placeholder with free font. Full editing PowerPoint time axis infographics presented by PresentationGo. Free download contains the following functions: Default 4:3 page format; Text placeholder with free font; Fully adjustable colours and forms.

Exciting design of infographical foil patterns in the form of tree. You can download these info graphic foils in both standard and widescreen resolution. Each design comes with easy-to-edit text wildcards and a free Calibri typeface. Characteristics: 4:3 and 16:9 page ratio; 2 colour choices; Text placeholder with calibration-free text; A very practical PowerPoint infographical model that compares masculine and feminine populations according to specific citeria.

PresentationGo provides this free info graphic foil and it can be fully adapted to your work. Hopefully you liked this compilation of free PowerPoint infographical artwork. It is our belief that these ressources will certainly be useful for any moderator. Are you a PowerPoint enthusiast, we are betting that you will find our 50 free cartoon PowerPoint template library with figures and artwork useful.

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