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It' no wonder that designer type has long been used not only as a means of communicating with the reader, but also to bring the spoken term to life. What's more, it can be used as a means of communicating with the reader. From a technical point of view, scripts are scripts with distinctive signs in terms of type, height and distance. There are so many writings! Let's start with an explanation of the two major groups of typeface you can select from - getting started with the first and greatest choice you will make when choosing a font:

Serife. Serifs " stands for small ornaments and small ornamental detail that these scripts have on their letter. Among the most popular series are Times New Roman and Georgia. This typeface is known to be very legible, especially in printing. Simply get any of the books from your collection - you'll see it's in a sans-serif typeface.

Without one. On the other hand, serifless script has no ornaments or ornaments ("sans" is the term for "without" in French). Whilst from a historical point of view these are less readable than serial scripts, there are many exemptions and it really does depend on the contexts. In general, the use of serifless type is more likely for graphics and styling and for the web.

This does not mean, however, that you cannot use a serial script for your website or the other way around. Probably the most popular typeface without serifs is Helvetica - a long-time favourite of many design professionals around the globe. When you have made up your mind whether to use or not to use serial fonts, there is still much to do to choose the right typeface for your work.

Writings contribute their own personal senses of personhood and nature. Look at it this way... what would be your favourite script in a film? There is a separate script for each script that fits the subject, and that is the beautifulness of a great script. Writings also help to visualize the story.

Due to their singular qualities, typefaces have the capacity to tell a narrative visually with only words. For example, typographical placards take advantage of this to show a powerful typeface the power behind the texture. Professional lettering of the highest standard. Check all writings submitted individually by our writers, so you can be sure that only the best writings make it into our collections.

Italic type, hand-written style, ornamental, graffiti, compressed and much more - whatever. Test typefaces before purchasing.

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