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Italian Grato Restaurant in West Palm Beach. The Gratzzi Italian Grille is a family-run and operated Italian neighbouring restaurant in downtown St. Petersburg FL. It is our hope not only to serve your family in our restaurants, but also to be part of the community we call home.

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Gratuitous menus offer the highest possible selection of top fare and include in-house pasta, a wide range of rotiserie articles, small dishes and wood-fired pizzas. the interior is designed in a warm atmosphere with open, breezy rooms, large window frames, wooden, carbara veneer, wrought and earthenware (made to measure by the hand of the locally potters Mr Randald Schalmei) to give an inviting, accessible ambience. an open plan open plan cuisine with a wood-fired stove and barbecue with a large rotiserie, which is the same as the one used for the large rotiserie.

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The Gratzzi Italia Grill is the right place to dine if you are looking for classical Italians in a stylish setting. Select from your favourite confectionery, meats, meals that include poultry, shellfish and calf meats, among others. Gratzzi's menus include a series of festivities to meet your every need, among them classical insalades and panini for lunches and dinners.

Freshly cleaned of scratches

We are proud that for many years we have been a powerful supporters and key players in our group. It' easy for us to be committed to you at Grazies: "is the Hero ", with signed formulas that have been tried and trusted by the client over the years and authorised by the client. Without heating bulbs or microwave ovens, and almost everything you can imagine is "Made Fresh from Scratch" with better trimmings for a better life!

GUARANTEED, we provide a money-wellness experiance for families, buddies and loves! Therefore unwind, indulge and party with us here at Grazies. Warum Grazies (pronounced "Grat-zies" in Italian)?


Gratia began to act as a devotion - both in eating and in our fellowship. There' s nothing better than to sit at the dinner place and enjoy a dinner with your loved ones, and these are the times that inspire us to make Grazia. It is our wish not only to minister to your families in our restaurant, but also to be part of the fellowship we call home.

Grazia prides itself on using only the finest quality raw materials while using a wide range of flavours to create a truly vintage style sul try style. In our restaurant we offer a wide selection of typical local products and classical delicacies, which we know from the region. Our passion for dining and loving the whole family is combined with homemade pasta, wood-baked pizzas, first-class steamed meat, golf shellfish and, of course, the delicious tradition of our favourite Italians.

No matter whether you dine with your casual familiy, watch the action in the Grazia Bar or enjoy Golden Age Craft cocktails in our famed Speakeasy, The Noble Experiment, Grazia will always provide a service-oriented attitude to creating a unique adventure. Eating and conversing are the pillars of our familiy dinner are. Our actions are focused on serving others.

The Grazia is run and run by locals. All our co-workers are your church's neighbours and your church's neighbours and we are greatly blest to give back. He is a proud sponsor of grassroots education, sports programmes, municipal organisations, criminal justice agencies, as well as army and veterans organisations. Gratia = mercy.

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