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Yes, a cute blog design gives you an edge, but that's the last thing you need to worry about. So what makes a great blog design? Hundred-beautiful and beautiful blog designs We would like to make a point that - even some of the biggest bloggers that consistently deliver good content - should not ignore the importance of user interfaces. One other way to look at things is to place an illustration and a series of text next to each other, the illustration is where the eye apples are, while the text is supportive.

We' ve been spending week after week going through hundred and hundred of blog posts in the bloosphere looking for blog posts with great and interesting designs. We' ve tagged those with great user interfaces, visually appealing, uniquely identifiable characters and style. This is where we get you - 100 lovely and lovely blog designs. Perhaps you will find something to be learned or inspiration from these designs.

Why do you think a great blog design is so great?

Despite what is commonly believed to be the look of your blog, it has little to do with a great blog layout. Yes, a cute blog theme gives you an advantage, but that's the last thing you need to care about. So what makes a great blog theme? So why do humans come to your blog? Web sites that concentrate on textual, audiovisual or streaming contents.

They probably have a blog that concentrates on text contents, and that's perfectly all. It'?s not your artwork... It's not your opt-in form... It's your text. Most important thing about a text-based blog is the text. Why do I need a great WordPress blog layout? Every blog has a so-called pictorial hierachy, which is unusual for the information that your text communicates without being read by anybody.

Blogs are structured. You can have headings, subheadings, normal text, hyperlinks, and double quotation marks. Every part of this texture has a different aim... and above all... looks different than the other parts. Heading - The point of your heading is to attract people' interest, and therefore it is often the biggest text in your blog entry.

Your link - your link often has a different colour than the remainder of your text, and that's how it should be. Left lure with Klicks. Lists - Lists - Lists open up large text areas, and since humans have only small Aufmerksamkeitspannen, this will help you to transform scanner into reader, and it also will help you to keep the reader on the read.

These are the texts that your website's users are reading, and they should not be smaller than 14 dots. When your blog has no texture, you will be confusing your reader. All in all, no texture is good bad tidings. What is the main goal of your blog? Look - if you run a blog, you do it for a certain purpose.

Thus, given that, you need to choose what is the primary objective of your website? Sometimes you may need to post advertisements on your blog, and that's okay. With my emphasis on creating an e-mail mailing lists, the next part of a great blog theme is about how your e-mail mailing lists are subscribed.

You can then add a feature to your theme to achieve the best possible conversion. Now is the right moment to concentrate on blogging? Could humans find the information they want? After all, when you get folks to come to your blog, your blog is important, and yes, it's important for confidence builders, but when folks can't find what they want, your blog is useless.

What can you do to help humans find what they want? There are also Thesis Tutors and WorldPress Tutors at RTFM. It doesn't help them find the information your blog offers. What else do you need in your Wordprocessor desig? It' about having a coherent blog layout. I' m writing about "how to make a blog layout with Wordpress," but here's the overview:

Choose a colour for your link and then a different colour if you need it for something else.

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