Great Blog Layouts

Fantastic blog layouts

Personally, I like "The Backlog" by CJ Melegrito, it's a great example of a beautiful online publication that combines beauty and simplicity with an appealing layout. Maintain the website mark consistency. To have a blog on your website - whether it's a page on a corporate site or your website is a blog - is a great way to get in touch with your readership and increase your website traffick. The reader will not always come back to a blog that is badly spelled or rarely up-dated. However, even the best blog posters will get more exposure if the layouts around them are attractive, catchy and navigable.

No matter whether you use a templates or create your own, make sure the blog has a powerful corporate design. It'?s a great place to do that, your headers. Your cover picture should convey exactly what the blog is about and what sound you are following. Ensure that the picture is legible (not too crammed with detail or blurred).

Also make sure that any font that is used on the headers is used with on the site. Don't make the design too complex. The blog should never get in the way of a great blog outfit. When you' re looking for ways to bring your interest to visuals, try experimenting with styles that place blog postings in two or more pillars rather than just one.

Your blog's range is one of the most important choices you can make. They must have enough detail to make the blog text readable on any machine. Generally, working with three or fewer colours results in a slimmer look. A small side bar with a monthly archive linked is a big advantage for some bloggers, especially if you have a large number of reader who are informed about articles.

Invite contributions. When you have a blog with a large number of articles, it's okay to put part of the copy under a section. Whitespace is a great way to attract your audience to your work. Blog layouts should offer more room than most websites, so that the text is more effective.

They can have a minimum lay-out with a headers, single-column contributions and a few side bars, or it can be more complicated. Those hints can help you build a blog that is both enjoyable and easily-readable. Head graphics by Lil Squid and Paperwash.

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