Great Squarespace Websites

Large Squarespace Websites

There are 10 great ideas for designing your own page - Squarespace Well thought-out page landings can make the distinction between a consumer who buys a good or loses interest. There are 10 websites that do it right. While there are many good designing polices and principals, when it comes to the target page of a website, it is almost an accurate scientific one.

It' s about conversion-centred redesign, or using the designs on the page to get a particular visitor excited about a particular activity. Probably the first and most important thing is to find a clear Universal Sales Point (USP) for the respective products or services and then concentrate everything on a Single Call to Action (CTA) using the page layout.

No matter what the objective, it is the site layout that is designed to draw the user's attention to it - whether through the use of whitespace, contrast colors, or more explicitly directions. Destination pages should be prominent brands, often with a "heroic image" to convey the message of the products or services at a single look, and be brought directly to the point to prevent a drift in focus.

Against this background, we have put together 10 particularly powerful samples of how web page landings are designed across the web to show how this theoretical approach is put into action in real life.... It is a straightforward layout that follows all the important principles of page layout: a clear, straightforward belt ("helping you build à solid-style sheet foundation on your markup") and straightforward, factual information.

My main call to trade, "Upload HTML," is an unmistakably large big blue knob on a light gray backdrop, underneath three powerful balls that explain the game. Squarespace is very much liked by creative people and offers high value website submissions on a subscriptions base. Considering the fact that visitors will react to different touch points, the site presents several lateral, scrollable target pages with headings, among them:

All of them have a full frame of the character, a large head in the middle, and the Get Start call placed directly below. Every page also contains a customized client testimonial movie. This Everest page landing page is a great example of how to market an application that is built on an easy-to-understand break-down of the most important functions and is divided into two verticals.

There is a minimum area on the far right with a logotype, a fascinating line of straps ("Live your dreams", full of continuously updated examples) and a clear call to trade in a cyan knob in black. In the right panel, a model of the Everest surface on an iPhone scrolls through the key functions, with notes highlighting key points.

GiftRocket presents a beautiful landscaped page with an illuminated "hero image" encircled by symbols of all the different types of goods and sevices available for sale. When it comes to the ultimate in retro-analogue photographic experience, the aim of the appealingly styled appealing high-tech photo application is to demonstrate the appealing functions, look, touch and easy to navigate interface of the application in order to bring the user into the realm of enjoyment.

As soon as you are for sale, the last call to trade goes through a huge application icons that invites you to "tap the orange buttons and make your own universe come alive". One good way to convince a user to part with their data is to provide something free in exchange. Square sees this as the company's corporate credential scanner that allows small companies to make payment with their portable devices.

Just like Squarespace, Square has three just as well landscaped pages to browse through: the other two pushing registrations for the company's services and Square Wallet application respectively. Famous heroic pictures and prompts that make it clear where to click make this a brilliant example of how to create your own page.

Beside the easy navigational border above it is only nicely photographed products, a neat line and two links: Find out more" goes further into the details and functions, while a videolink presents it in the real Apple style. It is a real master class in the designs of Planting Page. It knows what it wants and is not in the right frame of mind to talk about it: it is the registration or nothing at all.

However, the only place where you can click on one of them is the important "Log In" tool. Rdio is a great example of a landing-page stream with a beautiful easy call to action above the folded page. An animated heroic picture in umbrellas fits under the powerful, latching belt line "Discover music.

When this is not enough to persuade you, you will discover more detail and detail as you scroll down, with description of the main functions and utilities, available plattforms, a choice of track, etc., within horizontally striped, vibrant, shallow colors. After all, the mandatory community link offers another way to stay in contact with those who don't immediately log in.

This page has a three-color page and a minimalistic page above the rebate, making the two key points of focus very clear, in luminous light gray prime magenta. First of all, only the belt line "e-mail for those who have something to say" with the registration badge at the top and the playbutton over a locked notebook is displayed.

When you do that, the notebook opens and begins to demonstrate everything you need to know in a brief videotape, snaps back in when it's done, just leaving the call to trade.

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