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Make your website look great on any device! There are 10 great example WordPress pages, plus the current topic they use. Creating a WordPress website from the ground up is not the simplest thing in the game. In order to simplify the whole thing and give you some ideas, we have put together 10 great WordPress example pages to help you see what WordPress can do. Showing the audience behind a mark creates confidence among your audience.

The Ceremony Coffe Roasters is a lean, easy, modern WordPress website that offers a wide range of coffees, both bulk and season. You have a very minimalist look with daring, colourful pictures as the focus. It guides customers through a well-designed WordPress website and forms panels. This website is consistently styled and colored and has a beautiful level of minimumism.

This is a great Pixelanimation on the homepage of a small company, which grows with WordPress, E-Mail and a diagram (Analytics?). They have a very contemporary and minimalist look, with neat, organised formats. Building confidence with their clients, they attach the Secure Payments and Trusts tag. It' s all on one page - there's no need to scroll.

From all the WordPress samples on this page, this is the one with the trademark you most likely hear about! This website is characterised by a clear, straightforward and easily navigable layout. Your case study is presented on the homepage, which demonstrably creates confidence and increases your chances of conversion.

As well as the basic themes Smart Chameleon uses, they also use the Elementor Page builder for most of their designs, and this is one of the best WordPress example pages you'll find with Elementor (that's why it took 1st place in the Elementor Model Mail!). Designed to be sleek without compromising function.

Ticking the Start A Project checkbox does an excellent job accentuating the CTA' s prime position. This concludes ten of our most popular WordPress example pages. If you' re looking for more inspirational ideas and want to see how a Website Builder evolves, take a look at ten great Wix samples.

Remember any other great WordPress example pages?

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