Grid Based Wordpress Theme

Grid-based Wordpress theme

is a WordPress theme with a strong raster-based layout. Best 35+ Raster WordPress Topics 2018 When you' re looking for a design with a great look and feel that's great for viewing a lot of your site's contents, this selection of the best WordPress raster themes offers many choices. WordPress raster topics are available in many forms and heights. What they all have in common, however, is that they have at least one grid-based design that allows you to present your contents in a stylish way.

Ranging from the more common grid layout to the smooth brick grid design, these topics have much to have. While some of the grid topics in this compilation are best described as blogs, others are perfectly suited for building an on-line portfolios with WordPress. The majority of topics here provide a lot of scope for design.

The Topic Option Dashboard allows you to optimize many facets of your website. There can be colour schemes, typographical preferences, lay-out choices and much more. When the design you choose contains a page creation utility such as the high-performance Visual Composer plug-in, you can also adjust the raster designs of your website.

Many good things to try a well-structured WordPress theme. Whatever kind of website you create, using a grid design can be a great way to present your contents on-line. Since the topics in this library are more than just raster layouts, you should have no problem building the high-quality website that your specific projects require.

There are several preconfigured layout options for features pages, postings, and more. It' s minimum size allows a completely versatile way to post a breathtaking blogs, magazines or websites. Every detail you would want from a high-end WordPress theme! Moonrian is a classy WordPress theme with more than 10 different ready-made homepage and grid styles.

This topic is best suited for the creation of agencies and creativity web sites as well as web shops, clothing and fashions sites and webpages. Easy to customize with Visual Composer, it has 10 different headers and infinite colour choices to personalize the look. The Veera is a neat and minimalistic WordPress theme with a stylish contemporary look.

This theme lets you select from 15 different ready-made homepage designs to quickly set up your website. This theme also covers 10 different store page laysouts with 6 individual products and a blogsheet. The Waulah is a WordPress blogs theme that features a contemporary grid theme for the presentation of many blogs without overloading the theme.

The theme is ideal for creating a custom weblog or a magazine-style one. There are several different types of homepages with a box homepage, a side bar and even a homepage with a slide bar. This theme's line mail lay-out also provides an efficient way for professionals to create their own posts. The Tasty Footage is a high-performance WordPress theme specifically developed for creating recipes for blogging in foods.

This comes with a classy grid styled look that lets you view many recipies and blogs on your homepage. The Griddr is the ideal WordPress theme for creative people, portals and basic web sites. And it comes with all the necessary file, collaborative and blogs layout and a sleek, focussed, dark look that puts your contents first.

It' s primarily a one-sided design that allows you to use the browser' forward and backward navigation keys when you switch between segments, just as you would like. Griddr is exactly what every contractor, every agencies or every company needs. WELAND is a WordPress theme with a brickwork grid design for your lifestyles blogs.

Weeland has been developed to help you present a variety of contents in a classy environment, such as text, pictures and video, and is a fun blogs theme that will engage anyone who wants to communicate their thoughts and adventure on-line. This is a minimum multi-purpose WordPress theme with great e-commerce features. No matter whether you want to open a blogsite, build an on-line inventory or open an e-commerce shop, we have all the template you need, plus a choice of grid-based layout options.

Because Lapa has so many useful e-commerce functions if you want to build an on-line shop with WordPress, this topic is definitely a worthwhile look. Another WordPress theme for e-commerce shop creation with WordPress is Coleo. The Essential Grid plug-in in the Theme Bundle lets you not only use the Coleo bundle template, but also build your own customized grid layout with this powerfull utility.

The Apola is based on the Bootstrap 3 Grid-Framework to make sure your grid layout looks great no matter what your devices or display sizes are. Every and every times you post new contents on your website, you can select from several different templates, among them many different grid layout types.

Thanks to the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in provided, however, the creation of your own layout is almost as easy. The Urim front-end pagebuilder utility makes it one of the best WordPress grid topics with a drag-and-drop plug-in for the contents viewer. In addition to the customisation features, Urim provides all the pre-built template your WordPress website design studio should need, plus a full suite of blogs and a number of asset management layoutsĀ .

The Birddi is another WordPress theme from the Birddi product line that can help you present your contents in a variety of different raster designs. There are many homepage and inside page template covers covering several different types and uses of designs, so Birddi is a topic that everyone should look at at least once. Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder plug-ins enhance your creativity.

No matter if you want to view pictures, article, quotes, video or pictures, Koala can create everything in a nice raster size. There is a two-column spacing system, a headerslider, a header grid, and custom mail formats that ensure that your contents are always the stars. No matter if you want to view pictures, article, quotes, video or pictures, Koala can create everything in a nice raster size.

There is a two-column lay-out, a headerslider, a header grid, and custom mail formats that ensure that your contents are always the stars. Freelo is a light, fat grid theme that is completely reactive and a good choice for building a sleek web site for an advertising company or building a client portrait with WordPress. It is fully translatable and provides support for various portfoliostyles, different types of animations, different types of blogs and much more.

is a WordPress theme with a powerful raster-based design. Katana is promoted as a photo theme regardless of the kind of contents you want to post and offers many possibilities. In addition to all the different types of asset management themes, this WordPress theme also contains ready-made themes for all the other types of information your site will likely need.

TeNight is a neat and lightweight blogs topic with a grid friendly design. TheNight offers you the ability to present your latest news to new audiences with a homepage slide, based on how you set up your own blogs. While the six blogs using grid formats show your article to your audiences, the other features and template formats help you personalise the look of your website with relatively little effort.

There are several homepage designs to select from, each using the raster design in a different way. User-defined widget libraries are a great way to add dynamically changing contents to your website. Yorkshire Pro helps you use a grid design to advertise your service as a contractor or agent.

Perfect for web portals or just for listings of the kind of service you are offering in a classy setting, there are many good reason to go for York Pro. In addition to an interesting look, York Pro places great emphasis on type and contains all the template you need to present your contents on-line. is a WordPress blogs topic with a create, grid based lay-out.

Because of this classy design, your users can easily find all your best contents. New for 2017, PressGrid gives you the option to select a fully updated WordPress theme for your website. This topic focuses on supporting the creation of a website with virtual contents.

While you can use it just as simply for a normal blogs or messaging site, PressGrid is a good choice if you want to take advantage of the rich interactivity that can make your media virtual. Antlers and Rose is a WordPress theme that is simple to personalise. The choice of layouts allows you to view your articles and other contents in an attractive grid design.

No matter whether you are blogging, building an on-line inventory or another kind of website creativity, antlers and rose could be a good one. The Pointed has a classical grid that helps your readership find the best contents on your website. In addition to presenting your contents in a grid layouts, you can also create a slide show with a grid layouts using the built-in slide controlool.

You can customize almost every part of your website with this grid theme thanks to our advanced customization tools. is a WordPress blogs topic, which is equipped with many useful functions. In addition to the classy grid design, which can be adjusted in several ways, Carbis can be customised to your own individual taste.

Whatever you decide for Carbis, you should be able to use WordPress to build an appealing blogs. There are two major Selkie types, both of which can be readily integrated into your WordPress website. Each option also includes a customized grid view that allows you to view your latest postings or the latest elements in your inventory.

In order to help you get the most out of this WordPress theme, there is a Selkie videos library of tutorials. The Grid and Grid themes are a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for a variety of different work. Regardless of which of the Grid X demonstrations you decide to use, you always have the choice of using one of the grid themes that make up this theme.

grid xp is full of useful functions that will help you create the website you need. The Grid is a fast-reacting WordPress agent topic. It is also a good option for solo preneurs who want to present their portfolios stylishly on-line. Grid WordPress theme contains many different layout for your article and blogs post and elements of your portfolios.

There are actually over 20 different types of portfolios to select from, giving you many choices when it comes to creating your website. The Rinjani is a highly reactive WordPress blogs topic with a powerful grid outline. Its animated effect should impress your users as they browse through the grid layouts that display your blogs.

In order to make sure your blogs look right, this grid theme contains several template mail formats. CAPTURE is a theme from which many different grid-based layout options are available. You can use these grid layout to view elements from your portfolios, your latest blogs, or your members' profile.

The Slider Revolution plug-in is included with your website to help you create your own slide shows. Schlurp is another raster-based WordPress theme for creative professionals. As you set up your website, you can quickly deploy the demonstration contents and begin to upload your inventory item. There are many features of your website that can be adjusted using the simple slot controls that make this a highly customizable WordPress theme.

The UberGrid has a full frame grid design that helps you communicate your latest thoughts on-line. It also has a choice of mail style sheets that make it useful for posting a wide variety of contents, as well as your assets. An integrated Page builder lets you customise many facets of this WordPress theme with ease.

Minerals is a multi-purpose raster WordPress theme that has developed greatly since its first publication. The design now encompasses a number of different styles, one of which is a grid-based design that is perfect for viewing your contents on-line. The GridStack is another agent feature in this compilation of the best WordPress topics. Slide show on the Home screen before viewing your best assets in a full-width grid.

Every element in the grid can have its own label and an eye-catching motion effect. Although GridStack is mentioned as an agent theme, it is perfect for a number of different applications. The Showcase has a multi-grid layouts library from which you can select. No matter whether you are building a weblog, a newspaper website or an on-line content collection, Showcase and its template will help you get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

The Showcase also has a front-end submit page to facilitate the adoption procedure for your staff or target group. The WordPress theme has an interesting menusystem that helps your contents to be the focus of attention and yet is simple to use. You can also choose from a variety of motion graphics options to set the contents of your raster layout apart from the rest.

You can use Mug's very own homepage grid on your WordPress website. It' s a fully portable theme and you can easily view your own blogs or portfolios in the grid view. But Mug is not only a WordPress topic, there are also many other laidouts.

Cabuto is a WordPress theme with a clear and minimalist look that not only looks great, but also helps your website download quickly. The grid-based layout of this theme is all portable to make sure it looks good on any monitor display area. A WordPress theme, Foot was designed to help you create a Web site that shares your WordPress assets.

This topic includes frontend registration templates that make it easier for your users to easily post their own article on your website. The Foot has a number of different styles and layout choices, making it a highly adaptable WordPress theme. The North is a WordPress theme that can be customized in many different ways using the WordPress Customizer application tool.

North gives you a good choice of different grid and brickwork designs to work with. Visual Composer's drag-and-drop plug-in for the page creator is also part of the northern theme and offers even more creativity.

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