Haven Wordpress Theme

Port Wordpress theme

The shutter is an attractive photo motif for photographers, designers, photo studios or photobloggers. One of the best WordPress themes. The Old Haven is packed with many powerful features.

Port of Haven - Hotel WordPress Theme of ThemeFuse

The Haven is a fast-paced WordPress theme used by hoteliers, resort B&Bs or any other website for lodging services. The theme comes with 3 conceptual sites included: To The Lavish (built for a classy hotel), Beach Relort (best use for a relaxed accommodation) and Alpine Camp (created for a chalet or lodging in the skiing area).

Every hospitality website needs an appropriate reservation system, and our short cut off system provides extremely easy usability and fast integrations with key hospitality and hospitality platform. Its design is based on a backend graphical design frameworks that allows you to create any page without programming knowledge.

You can use 5 colours on your website to make it look classy and harmonic. It is possible to use from the range of typefaces from the free Google library which are all available within this WP theme of the hotels. It' very practical with our WP topic. With our WP theme, you can create your own custom WP tag, description, title, and more.

User-defined Google Maps - simply append Google Maps with a number of different pin styles that you can select from snazzymaps.com.

WooCommerce Theme by TemplateMela

The Heaven Wordpress e-commerce theme is built on top of the WordCommerce plug-in. It' also a multi-purpose theme that can be used for any type of on-line shop. Topic Heaven WorldCommerce looks good with its neat and crisp theme. There was a problem with obsolete theme packs. Updated theme pack to include the latest version (3.x) of wildcommerce and fix obsolete issues with your work.

Updated theme pack to include the latest WooCommerce 3.3.x release. There was a problem with obsolete theme packs. Updated theme pack to include the latest wooCommerce release. Updated theme pack to include the latest release of the newsletter plug-in.


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