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Latest tweets from Headway Themes (@headwaythemes). I still recommend Beaver Builder (as mentioned below) as an alternative to Headway Themes. submissions Headway Pin Board blocks are the best way for your headway. Slim, lightweight artwork that gives you a slim colour scheme with several page laysouts. UBANITE is a brave blogsheet for Headway.

Protocol format uses the columns format in the kernel contents area. There are 7 common laysouts in it.

Contains a number of wrapppers and contents pads to give you a uniquely personal feeling for your website or your blogs. White board is an entry level model that is contained in all Headway licences.

Support for Headway

During the last 7+ years of doing Business in WordPress, Clay and I and our crew have had our proportion of kicks, contusions and flaws like everyone else who has been in the Business for some long while. We write today to best serve you, excuse these errors and tell you what we are doing to fix them for you.

To start with, our fellowship of stunning people. Admittedly, we made errors because we didn't communicate with you the way we should have. Too long there has been no backup for Headway. We have realigned our effort to receive as many requests for assistance as possible every single week given the recent problems.

In addition, we will add a First Support Engine to ensure that your problems are resolved on time. We need and deserve something better than you've got. It is our idea to propulsion out 4. 0 news on a patron case idea so we can transaction with any content that any person with this new writing of Headway.

Furthermore, we are bringing 4.0 back into betas and we will keep making 3.8 available and supporting it. and 8 as the latest published release. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to acknowledge that there are problems with something you have worked really hard on. It' still our faith 4. 0 is the next one and will be an awesome new release for Headway.

Particularly problems. It is important that we know what problems there are for some so that we can solve them. We still believe that Headway is the best and best WordPress Dragging & Dropping themer on the shelves. This is something we are hoping to do with your continuing assistance.

When we began this contribution to you, in which we mentioned over 7+ years in existence, we would just like to ask you to look back at our long history of success of business as well as our long history of supporting, not only in this fellowship, but also in WordPress itself, and give us this opportunity to do things right and well for you again.

You' ve been an unbelievably supportive fellowship. We are so very grateful for your continued help from Headway and us over the years. Whilst many facets of our businesses must and should stay personal for a number of different purposes, we will do our best to be transparent about what is going on and what the futures mean for progress as we move forward.

Many thanks for your continued patient, assistance and your comprehension as we do this.

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