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Build your website with Headway, the original Drag & Drop Website Builder for WordPress. No matter if you are a beginner or a developer, Headway is there for you! A new premium Wordpress theme, Headway allows users to visually customize their entire Wordpress design.

We have been making WordPress designing simple for businessmen, designer, freelancers and amateurs since 2009.

We have been making WordPress designing simple for businessmen, designer, freelancers and amateurs since 2009. With Headway's Visual Editor you can do everything from building a default blogsite to building an e-commerce site. Yes, Headway can generate custom layout for each of your pages. Headway's Visual Editor turns a previously difficult job into a breeze.

You can use headway styles to upload immediate themes. You create a template with the Visual Editor so that you can work with it in the Visual Editor. Makes your website look and feel special with Headway's Design Editor. When you know how to use PHP, HTML or CSS, you can integrate these capabilities into the Live CMS Editor, Custom Code pads, WordPress Hook or Block API.

Activating Headway's fast-response raster ensures that the primary layouts and pads adjust to smaller screens as needed.

Themes headway seem to die a slow kill - WordPress Tavern

It has been seven and a half years since Grant and Clay Griffiths, the Headway Themes founder, apologised to clients for not communicating regularly and for not providing appropriate client service. Commenting on the excuse, the founder admitted that the business was in dire straits and noted that WordPress' drag-and-drop pagebuilder business was highly competitive.

They pledged to do more with communication, deliver better service and evolve Headway 4.0. Something different since the release of the excuse? Shortly afterwards, the Headway Themes moved to Flywheel Hosted, which led to some problems such as website down-time due to DNA distribution, logon problems and a problem with the Headway Dashboard.

It raises issues about how it would compromise Clay's capacity to work on Headway. Shortly after the excuse, Headway Themes began using Influx for first-tier client service. The Influx solution provides client liaison for businesses, as well as those within the WordPress eco-system, such as Advanced Custom Fields. Gary Bairéad, a former Headway Themes staff member, in February approached Headway Themes technical staff about the current state of Headway 4.

The reason Influx couldn't give an answer was that Headway's engineers hadn't told them about the project's development even though they had asked them about it. During January, the Headway Themes Twitter officially announced that Headway is sponsored and that 4.0 will be available soon. At about the same moment, another Headway Themes client asked for assistance with the state of a long-standing problem.

The Influx company said that there was a slump because the major developer could not talk. He also pointed out that the only way for clients to get information on headway issues is by contacting headway technical assistance via email. The Influx says that it has tried several occasions to inform the Headway Themes developer about the problem and said that it was advocacy work to correct it.

Bairéad in February issued a call to third bloc clients not to extend through Headway Themes.com and instead to buy and extend directly from the developer's site. Pizazz WP founders Chris Howard and HeadwayRocket co-founders Chris Rault confirm that they receive cash from clients who have bought and upgraded pads through Headway Themes.com.

Contacted both developer to see if they had been getting paid since February. Howard's been having the problem of no payment for month. The excuse of Headway Themes does not include the former customer service staff who did not get payment on schedule for month. Ever since the excuse, the members of the squad have made small contributions, but still owe tens of millions of dollars.

The receipt of payment from Headway Themes is often a tricky one. One Headway Themes client recently approached Headway Themes Technical Services to ask about the Headway product's current state, and Influx posted its answer to the company's technical fora. At present, the firm is in the midst of being restructured to meet the current challenge.

Not all the detail is here on assistance, but the key actors are working to restore progress to its legal functioning. In order to find out more about the reorganisation and progress in the Headways business, I contacted Grant and Clay Griffiths. The last year, when it seemed that the Headway Themes were in danger for the near term, Maarten Schraven bifurcated the Headway 3.8.

Eight codebases and called them Blox Builder. The Blox Builder is 100% GPL licensed and is a straight substitute for Headway. Recently Schraven responded to a number of issues related to the venture, including how simple it is to move from Headway to Blox. You have several ways to change your Headway to Blox theming.

You have to set hw to bt and headway to blox in this one. Several of our site visitors have Blox and Headway themes side by side and are switching between them. Are you a headway themes enthusiast looking for a similar substitute? Visit Blox Builder.

Headway's loyal supporters and clients have moved to other side building companies such as Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder. Once a lively community-run slack canal for headway theme lovers, it has become a haunted city. Unfortunately, the problems that caused the Headway Themes creators to apologize are still there.

It lacks communications on the company's corporate blogs, online community contacts and Influx, the organization it outsources client service to. Sorry of 13 September 2016 was the last posting on the company's website to be posted. Previous staff and third-party vendors still owe significant monetary sums, and there has been little or no headway code-based invention.

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