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Best 22 medical and health WordPress topics (2018) Looking for WordPress topics for your website? Health and health care service sites are different from other commercial sites, and you would want your site look to outstand. We have selected the best WordPress topics in medicine and health that you can try in this paper. Wordprocessor is the world's most beloved website building tool, and it is used by tens of millions of medical practitioners, physicians, counselors, and health care workers around the globe.

WordPress has two types that can be confusing for novices. First you have, a hosting application for Blogger, and then you have also known as self-hosted WordPress. Check out our vs. page compare for more detail. It is recommended to use as it gives you immediate control over all WordPress functions after unpacking.

In order to launch a self-hosted WordPress. org Web site, you need a domain name and a Web host name. You are an official WordPress endorsed web host and one of the largest web hosters in the United States. Apart from that, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress health and medicine topics you can use on your new website.

The Medi WordPress is a high-quality topic for medicine, health care, hospitals and physicians. There are three kinds of contents to simply append staff, service and scrollbar. There are also user-defined widgets to include recognition and community tagging capabilities. It' easy for beginners and support all common Page Builders WordPress plugs.

The Ultra is a WordPress mega-theme that has been developed to build any type of website. There are 10 pre-built sites that you can easily set up with one click and then insert your own contents. Choose from endless combination of different layout and style with multiple user-defined widgets. It is a classy and professionally WordPress theme that can be used for all types of health and medicine related web sites.

His homepage offers a very appealing design with a nice slide control on top, followed by more contents. It' a versatile WordPress theme that can simply be used to build a health or medicine website. There' built-in community based messaging, e-commerce assistance, customized theme choices and a 1-click installation program. The Indigo is a wonderfully crafted multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Easy to adapt to any commercial website, incl. medicine, physicians, dental professionals and more. is a WordPress topic specifically developed for physicians, surgeries, dentists, practitioners and other health care professionals. Contains user-defined Widget, Google fonts, WooCommerce assistance and can be used to build multi-lingual sites with WPML.

Medicaid is another outstanding WordPress topic developed specifically for health and health care professionals. Comes with a widgettized home page lay-out where you can draw a widget by dragging and dropping it to create your home page. There is a more simple theme option pane and supports the use of the Viewer where you can customize the theme color and other preferences.

There is also a 1-click demonstrator, full WooCommerce assistance, translations and multi-lingual assistance. Meridian Wellness is a WordPress theme that is perfect for health and wellness sites. And it comes with contents styles to simply append trainer personnel and classrooms with nicely laid out timetables. Faster set-up is achieved with a 1-click demonstrator and all theme choices can be adjusted using the customizable feature.

Like the name implies, the Dental Clinic is a WordPress topic for dental practitioners, hospitals and other health care service professionals. And it comes with advanced adjustment features, a free slide control plug-in, para-lax backgrounds, full wallpaper and more. Offers limitless colour selections, user-defined widgets, multi-side bars and supports for contacts forms. It' beginners and comes with simple to use theme adjustments.

The Modena is a wonderfully crafted WordPress theme for spa, health and wellness and health service providers. There are simpler theme choices to select colours, side bars, community and more. It' easy to create custom service, adding a testimonial and using a widget to view them anywhere on your website. The Beaute WordPress theme is for spa, health and well-being and gyms.

And it comes with easy-to-use type of contents to include service, employee profile and gallery photos. iMedical is another specially developed WordPress theme for health -related and medicinal web sites. Contains contents kinds to simply append physicians, divisions, services and more.

There is a contemporary homepage layout with a contents control and a top navigational bar. Shema. org support enriched excerpts and user-defined widgets to help you discover and share your contents and share your favorite music. It is a versatile WordPress theme developed for any commercial website, as well as health and health care related websites.

It' s available in 6 colour layouts, different slide control style, page style and user-defined widget. All major WordPress plug-ins are supported and WooCommerce is fully supported. Medicine is a WordPress topic developed specifically for physicians and health care service provider. There are ready-made design for various health care occupations such as surgery, Yoga, dentistry and more.

There is also a Page Builder and a slide control plugin that you can use to customize page designs. The Atomic Blocks is a mighty WordPress theme with easier and more advanced page formatting possibilities. Distinguished by a minimalistic look, it can readily be adapted for a health or medicinal website. There are only a few choices that you will actually use, which makes it very simple to use.

is a free WordPress theme for physicians, clinicians, dental practitioners and other health care workers. Comes with a 1-click trial installation program that allows you to easily install and view your work. Then you can just go ahead and substitute it with your own contents. Comes with simpler theme adjustments and uses the Customize Themes live tool for all your customization hassles.

Contains several page styles, as well as a dedicated page style sheet. The Maxi Health is another WordPress topic with a contemporary and professionally designed health and medicine theme. There is a demonstration contents import that will help you setup your website like the demonstration. The theme choices are all available under Customize Your Life, so you can see a glimpse of your website as you work on it.

Like the name implies, this theme is a free eCommerce-enabled choice for health shops, chemists and similar companies. Works with all popular WooCommerce plug-ins and can also be used in multi-lingual e-commerce shops. The theme homepage has a large slide bar at the top, followed by contents areas such as current articles, product and more.

There are two navigational menu at the top, one of which displays an icon for your favorite game. When you are looking for a WordPress topic for a health and medicine related shop, take a look at Latest. It' a beautiful WordPress theme with full WooCommerce functionality. It' a minimalistic WordPress theme that makes it easy to use for any kind of shop.

There are only the choices you will use and a Dashboard to guide you through the design process. The Profident is a wonderfully processed WordPress theme for dental professionals, hospitals and health care professionals. Available in 15 different tongues, it features a customized administration screen that lets you easily create opening times, load a customized logotype, create a telephone number, create an appointments request and much more.

Allows you to create a website without having to struggle with theme choices and compromise on functionality and agility. The Loft is a versatile WordPress theme with nice typeface and sleek styling that helps your medicine and health website outstand. There are several user-defined widgets to view advertisements, search results, and more.

They can use built-in contents for adding service, portfolio, and employee profile. It' easy for beginners and allows you to setup your website with fast install and easy demonstration contents. The MedZone is an elegant WordPress theme for health and beauty institutions. There is a user-defined slide bar to show equipment and functions, an experience section and member or employee profile.

WordPress is fully compliant with all popular WordPress plug-ins and optimised for maximum power. Hopefully this paper has help you find the best WordPress topics for medicine and healthcare. Also you can see our ultimative WordPress stepstep by steps WordPress scrub leader for WordPress newcomers. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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