Herbivore Botanicals Hydrating face Oil

Botanicals herbivore moisturizing facial oil

The Lapis Facial Oil is named after the precious blue oil it contains, Blue Tansy. The oil contains a component called Azulene, which helps soothe dry, irritated skin, reduces the appearance of redness and balances the skin. Developed for combined, oily and impure skin types or for any skin that needs moisture balance. Moisturizing facial oil that balances the skin while improving visible redness and impurities.

Face Oil Lapis

The oil contains a compound named Azulene, which helps soothe dehydrated, sensitive skins, reduces the occurrence of erythema and balances the complexion. Designed for combined, greasy and impure skins or any skins that need moisture balance. Face oil for greasy skins? Frequently, when we rinse our skins over and don't thoroughly moisturise them, it compensates by increasing the production of oil and tallow, resulting in greasy skins and blocked Pores.

All our face oil products are made with truly native vegetable oil that thoroughly moisturizes your complexion without blocking your pore, allowing it to stop the production of surplus oil and find the equilibrium it needs. Briefly, yes, greasy epidermis also needs hydration and is often hydrated, resulting in dehydration spots and over-compensation of oil and tallow.

Focused humidity. Unlike conventional moisturisers and moisturisers, which are usually rich in emollients and emollients, but contain few active principles, our face creams contain no filler and are only formulated with truly naturally occurring active principles. It absorbs lightly to get hydration, vitamin, fatty acid and antioxidant into the skins.

In addition, they create a naturally occurring barrier to bind humidity. Really naturally. Inhivore produces are really naturally, cruel and cruel. In addition, they are concentrates without filler and with the minimal amount of ingredient required for optimum results. In the mornings and evenings, use 3-10 droplets on clean and firm skins.

Because of the nature of the contents, the colour of the oil can change. Azulen help calm and calm dehydrated, stressed skins, reducing the incidence of erythema and balancing greasy skins. Naturally rich in linoleic acids to compensate for greasy and mixed skins. Quickly absorbed into the epidermis, it provides moisture and nutrients at a deeper layer. Jojoba is an unbelievable hydrating cream and can reach deeper into the epidermis due to resemblances to the skin's own naturally occurring oil.

Qualane has outstanding softening qualities and works as a sun protection layer to store humidity in the epidermis. Also, it prevents the occurrence of overpigmentation and early age. This is a sugary and delicious oil that has been rightly used for hundreds of years in care and fragrance - the fragrance is exhilarating and the oil itself works to enhance the skin's hydration and resilience.

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