Herbivore Botanicals Mask

Botanicals Mask herbivore

Clear and calm the skin with this gentle peeling, anti-inflammatory mask. It' time to detoxify and reduce these blemishes with the Blue Clay Dry Mask. Meeting our new mask! Blue something. The new Blue Tansy Research Mask is a gentle, cleansing and refreshing gelmask containing Blue Tansy oils, BHA and White Willow Bark.

Brighten's new Brighten Immant Glove Mask is a lightening mask with pine apple enzymes and gemstones that lightens, smoothes and exfoliates the complexion in a completely new way.

With our new Mega Moisture Mask our Rose Clays Moisture Mask is a smooth blend of rose alumina and low-molecular hyaluronic acids to enhance moisture delivery to the complexion.

Perfectly natural pink tone peeling face mask

Pink clay from France: Rosa clay is ideal for renewing and rejuvenating your complexion and for enhancing your resilience. Iron oxide and silicic acid are abundant, which help to restore the tissues of the epidermis. It comes from the fruits of the dogrosis, which is in a natural way abundant in the vital aliphatic acidmega 3, 6 and 9 that regenerates the cutaneous tissues and repairs them.

Camomile blossoms: Camomile blossoms are natural calming and anti-inflammatory, soft and efficient for calming and removing dust from irritated skins.

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and this mask has worked miracles.

and this mask has worked miracles. I' ve used it in the first 4 nights, as stated on the wrapper, every single night and since then every 3 nights. Every 3 days. I' ve been using it for about 4 Weeks now totally, and my hide has never been so sleek and clear.

The last I was in it, I was amazed to find a beautiful specimen of it in my pocket. My complexion is quite delicate and it didn't bother her at all. After application my complexion looks clear and new. I' m planning on buying the full height next week at the shop.

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