Herbivore Coconut Rose Water

Coconut Rose water herb eater

Rose-Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist is produced with pure plant active ingredients - without fillers. Coconut water base filled with youthful hibiscus petals and moisturizing Bulgarian roses to firm, hydrate and soften all skin types. "The Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist is made from pure herbal ingredients - without fillers.

Rose-Hibiscus Moisturizing Facial Nebula

This truly genuine biological coconut water is enriched with Hibiscus Flower Extract and Rose Water to freshen and moisturize the complexion. Designed for all skins. Really quite obviously. Inhivore produces are really wild, vegetable and cruel. Exclusion of liability: Due to the hibiscus leafs' inherent characteristics, the colour of this hibiscus leaf may differ.

Kokosnusswasser: Coconut water is known in Hawaiian as "Noelani", which means "dew from the sky". Coconut water contains skin-freshening zytokines and lauroic acide to freshen and moisturize the complexion. Blossom Hibiscus Extract: Rich in apple and Citric Blossom Extract to achieve a gentle, naturally exfoliated look that leaves the complexion looking more even.

Hibiscus flower extract is a naturally moisturising agent and enhances the strength and resilience of the epidermis. Rosewater: Our rose water is destilled from thousand of flower leaves per single ounce of fine Maroccan rose, and hydrates and refreshes the complexion.

Hibiscus All Natural Rose Hibiscus Face Mist Hydrogenating (4 oz)

Anything that could involve several tasks: toning, chilling void freshener, and moisture/make-up preparation. Since I never use make-up at the fitness studio, it is often the only thing that is directly put on my face, so it is a very slick, calming and firming sensation. Once I used it after a peeling and found it very tingling and invigorating - but by no means uncomfortable.

My complexion is delicate, so I am sure I can recommend this as a soft one. I' ve never found a more popular type of toner or hydrogenol and at this point it seems like I've tried them all: Claudalie, Evan Healy, Acure, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, and further and further..... However, since this is a coincidence of manufacture and not really a mirror image of the overall qualitiy of the work.

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