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Hydrating Glow collection with pink cloud moisturizer, lightening Glow mask, Phoenix facial oil and rose hibiscus hydration mist. HYDRATE + GLOW Natural Skincare Mini Collection is for beautiful skin, natural. This collection of products moisturizes the skin and enhances its natural shine. Bring good skin in a natural way with the Herbivore Hydrate + Glow Natural Skincare Mini Collection. Applied after thorough cleansing, this toner restores essential oils and the right pH for a healthier, hydrating skin.

HYDRAT + GLOW Natural Skin Care Mini-Collection

Moisturizing Glove range with pink cloud moisturizer, lightening Glove mask, Phoenix facial oil and rose hibiscus moisturizer nebula. HYDRATE + Global Natural Skincare Mini Collections are for beautiful and natural skins. Developed for all skins, but especially advantageous for skins that need moisture, support and radiance.

Rose cloud rose water moisturizing cream moisturizes, caresses and smoothes the visible and leaves the complexion radiant + slightly fresh. Formula for all skins - never fatty, grease or tack. Ideal as make-up or alone to let the epidermis breath. The Phoenix Facial Oil is a celebrity in the range and helps rejuvenate the cell membranes of the body.

As a phoenix reborn from the ash, refresh your skins with a mix of luxurious vegetable oil and Co-Q10. The Phoenix Facial Oil drastically moisturizes and rejuvenates dehydrated or any other type of skins in need of regeneration and depth regeneration. A truly lifelike radiant face shield with rice powder and pineapple enzymes to smoothen and lighten the scalp, as well as a micronised Brazilian tourmaline gem to create a radiant glow.

Rose-Hibiscus Moisturizing Manure with a truly genuine coconut water basis, this face nebula is enriched with Hibiscus Flower Extract and Rose Moisturizing Water to freshen and hydrate the complexion. Designed for all skins. The collection is included (value of $51):

HERBIVORE BOTANICALS Rose Hibiscus - Moisturizing Facial Nebula

Rosehip Hygienic Face Mist is made with botanical ingredients, never with filler. Contains a basis of natural Coconut water filled with youthful Holly Blossom leaves and moisturizing Bulgarian Roses to firm, hydrate and emollient all kinds of skins. By nature, the blossom of the hummingbird is abundant in apple and citric acids, which exfoliates and accelerates cellular metabolism for a more even complexion, while the roses are highly antioxidant and help alleviate erythema and irritation.

At Herbivore we use only the best raw materials to make 100% pure nature produce, with an eye on herbal and biologicals. Every additive has a therapeutical use; all oil is either extruded using refrigeration or steaming distillation; and every single batch is produced to ensure the highest possible level of production reliability. It contains roses, one of Sephora's major constituents.

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