Herbivore Mask

Herbal Mask

Detoxification mask made of blue clay Moulded with Blue Clay to detoxify and clear acne-prone skins. Perfect as point or full face mask. Inhivore produces are really naturally, cruel and cruel. Blend -1 tablespoon with a few drops and mix until a beautiful mixture has developed. Spread the cream on the surface of the scalp and let it work until it almost dries out so that it does not completely drip.

It'?s Camprian Bleu Clay: Cambric tone pierces deep into your pore to extract blemishes while at the same time assisting your complexion to retain hydration. It is an ideal balance for combined and greasy skins.

Peeling Mask Pink Tone

Formula with pink clay, rose hip, chamomile and rose leaf, this mask gives a delicate peeling effect, leaving the complexion supple, smoother and brighter. Inhivore produces are really naturally, cruel and cruel. Extremely mild peeling and care for all kinds of skins. The Pink Clay Mask is our softest mask. In combination with hot tapioca, the floral foliage of this mask forms a nutrient-rich infusion.

Contained in Pink Clay for its mild detoxification properties and Rosehip Silver for its high vitamin C level, Pink Clay is a skin-softening, embellishing mask that makes the complexion appear healthier, smoother and brighter. Designed to be a peeling mask for all kinds of skins. If you have delicate skins, please test this on a small area to make sure that it works well for you.

In case of irritations, please adjust the use of the mask. Pink clay from France: The Pink Clay is ideal for rejuvenating the complexion and enhancing your firmness. Iron oxide and silicic acid are abundant and help the epidermis to feed. Rosehip: Rosehips are the fruits of the rosehip family. Of course, omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 are abundant in order to make the skins visible.

Camomile blossoms: Camomile blossoms are also a soft exfoliating cream that soothes dried and dried skins.

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