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Moisturizing Herbivore Cream

CLOUD PINK Rose Water Moisturizing Cream At last the hydrating cream. The Pink Cloud moisturizes, caresses and smoothes the complexion and leaves a radiant and slightly fresh complexion. Contains rose water, aloe water and white tea extract to moisturise, calm and help prevent erythema. Formula for all skins - never fatty, grease or tack. Ideal as make-up or alone to let the epidermis breath.

Massaged thoroughly into the scalp after cleaning and firming. Add more as needed to get an added amount of moisturizing, based on your skin's actual moisturizing needs. Leave Pink Cloud Cream on for 1-2 min before using face oils or make-up. Make sure to add serum before using Rosa Cloud Cream, face lotion can then be used for added benefit.

Rose Water - Of course antioxidant enriched and perfect for the reduction of erythema in the dermis. Here also comes the fragrance of Pink Cloud. Lightweight, skin-soothing and moisturising, ideal for use with water. It is also inherently enriched with nitric oxide to clear the complexion.

White-Tea Extract - Rich in anti-oxidants, White Tea Extract will help increase radiation in all skins. Rich in Linoleic Oil, Kukui is efficient, moisturizing and rebalancing for all skins. Natrium Hyaluronate - From plant origin, it deep within the epidermis to absorb and trap moisturizing for maximal moisturization.

Travel Extract - Helps lighten and smooth the complexion.

Botanicals Herbivore Pink Cloud Rose Water Moisturizing Cream is back at Sephora

Not long after, the Herbivore Botanicals Rosewater Moisture Creme was sold out. Fortunately, what's sold out has to be replenished (that's the saying, no?), and now the thousand-year-old rose-red crème is back on sephora.com and on the shelf for $48. You' ll know Herbivore Botanicals for his drooling Instagram lining, stuffed with minimalistic bottles of essential oils (the ozeanblaue Lapis facial essential essence for acne-prone skins for example) or glasses with compelling peelings (like the Coco Rose Body Polish).

However, the product is still handcrafted and packaged in Seattle, where the couple's founder lives and works. It has been produced for almost two years now, after the brand's enthusiasts and clients constantly asked for a everyday creme. "Our aim was for the creme to be light yet efficient, quickly absorbed and calm the skin," said Instagram's cofounders.

Acrylic polymer (also known as plastic), which blocks the pore and can be taken up by the epidermis into the human organism, was not included in the form. In the end, the application was worth the effort, because this light, softly smelling creme is fun to use. Developed for daily use, this moisturiser also serves as a foundation and provides a glossy foundation for the application of make-up.

No wonder that rose water is an important component of the formula. A thing that increases the formula of this creme is the absorption of aspen crust, a naturally occurring spring of nitric oxide that removes softly died off cutaneous tissue. Natriumhyaluronat ( the Natriumsalz of the Hyaluronsäure) donates intensive humidity. Clear, firm complexion, with a freshly baked look.

Oh, and if you're asking yourself where this perfectly thousand-year-old shade of rose comes from (and you' said the colours are Gorg!), the response is Aubergine! Would you like the new Rosa Cloud Rose Water Moisturizing Cream? Grab it for $48 a glass at herbivorebotanicals.com. Learn more about nature's beauty: Now you can see the best of the best:

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