Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

Botanical s "Moon Fruit" overnight cream will delight your body. Botanicals Herbivore has introduced a skin-friendly creme that works wonderfully during your night's work. Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment is engineered with tonnes of naturally occurring actives that change your tone over night. At the same time, this moisturising treatment cares for and regenerates the epidermis - all with the help of super fruits.

The Moon Fruit is full of super fruits such as cactus figs and goujibberries, which are full of anti-aging antimoxidants. It also contains fruit enzymes for peeling and hydrating Sheabutter as well as moisturonic acids to reinforce the external layers of the epidermis, enclosing the whole being.

Even though the colour of the crème looks beyond the world, the crème is non-toxic and cruel. It is also perfumed with ylang-ylang blossom essential oils, which have soothing qualities so that you can rest easy while the creme is working. A glass of Moon Fruit can be purchased for 58 US dollars at Sephora.com on-line.

Botanicals Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment

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Another secular, versatile night care that nourishes the epidermis with super fruits, softly refreshes it with fruitzymes and hydrates, and deepens it with a mix of tropical butter and bioidentical vegetal hyaluronic acid while you are asleep. Our oil is either evaporated or extruded. This is the best available method of extracting and results in high grade oil.

A small amount should be applied to clean and dry epidermis before bedtime. Rub in well to allow Moon Fruit's naturally occurring butter to fully penetrate the area. Use one of our face oil on the lunar fruit to achieve optimal moisture and results. The Moon Fruit is designed to work even better when used in combination with our face oil.

We recommend lapis oil for oily/stained skins. Try Phoenix Oil for dehydrated skins. Try orchid oil for a better balance of the complexion. Notice: Moonfruit is not a masque and should not be placed on the top of the body, rub it in fully so that it can unfold its magical power while you are asleep.

Daily use is to prevent exposure to the sun and use a high SPF (over 30) to prevent the sun's light from becoming sensitive to lunar fruit algae and lunar food AHA.

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