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the Heroic Knowledge Base Themes & Plugins for WordPress. In general Need help to install or update Hero? Click on the "Theme Options" icon in your WordPress administrator under the "Appearance" register card in the navigation bar on the right. A number of configurable design features can be configured here to suit your needs: Clear text.

User-defined CSS: Customize your own user defined style.

Colours: Here you can change the colours of the different items in the theme. Controls what information is displayed with the contributions and how large the picture of the contribution is. Please note: You must also choose the page you selected to view the entries in the blogs. It is used to show the name of the blogs at the top of your postings.

Click on "Menus" in your WordPress administrator, which can be found under the "Appearance" register card on the far right. When the new menus are ready, you can create pages, category, and customized link from the areas on the far right. There are several user-defined Widget themes and a number of widget areas where you can use them.

In order to insert widths, click on "Widths" in your WordPress administrator under the "Appearance" register card. Then, specify your settings for this wideget. The Hero Recent Posts: Displays a history of recent postings from a specific catagory or all catagories, with the ability to view an extract of the most recent one. This design displays your latest contributions on the title page by default. Click ing this button will show your latest contributions on the title page.

While you are building this page, in the Page Attributes field in the right hand side columns, click the Home page style. Click a statical page for "Title Page Ads" and click your new " Home Page". There is a specific theme for this topic on the homepage. In Appearance Theme Options, on the Home Page tabs, you can specify the text, picture, and wallpaper colors for the Appearance theme options page.

Each page displays the picture shown, the track titles, and the drawer. When the Extract box does not appear on the page editing page monitor, make sure it is highlighted at the top right of the Monitor Options page. Once you've followed the above instructions to setup your homepage, you'll probably want to view your contributions on another page.

It' easy to do this by simply building a new page and giving it a name like "Blog", "News", or whatever you want to call it. Select your new Blog for posts for Title Page Ads. The topic uses a user-defined mail item named Project to help you administer your portfolios.

In order to setup your portfolios page, please generate a new page and choose the page style "Portfolio". In order to insert a new project you have to choose "Add new" in the list "Projects". Ideally, the picture width is 850px, but if your pictures are bigger, they will be enlarged with the liquid lay-out.

Abilities are categorized for your specific tasks and are used to build the filtering toolavigation. In order to generate the preview for your current design, use the "Featured Image" field at the bottom of the right hand side of the screen. Using the pop-up menu, select an item to be uploaded, and then click "Use as feature image".

Your picture should be at least three hundred px x 175 px. Now you can include nice button names in the contents of any page, article or widget using the following short code: The theme comes with a dedicated slide show that scale with the smooth layouts that are all part of the appealing designs.

The only thing you have to do to turn a sentence of pictures in your contents into a slide show is to put them in this short code: The design includes links to colums that allow you to simply construct colums within your work. It is possible to make vertical bars that are one-third, two-thirds, or half the width of the Contents pane.

Now you can include nice button names in the contents of any page, article or widget using the following short code: It is WPML compliant, which means that all texts in this topic can be localized into the target languages. In order to start your translations, choose WPML (from the Dashboard menu) -> Text Translations. There should be a listing of character chains in the topic (there should only be four), with translations linked in cyan on the right.

Please click on these link to see the language lists that you use in your blogs and the corresponding translation. In order to compile the user-defined mail and taxonomy type (projects, capabilities and references), go to WPML -> Translation Management. Then choose Multilingual Content Management on the tab pages. Next, look for the section named Customs Posts (about half way down).

You can select the translation for a project (and its snail) here. Beneath this section, you will find custom taxonomies in which you can compile the skill taxonomy. However, you can also find the

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