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Home-design bloggers take the world by storm. Amy Kim's Homey Oh My. Niki Brantmark's Scandinavian home.

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Our Design Blogs Our writers are currently studying.

Designer blogs that are more or less a constant flow of decorative cutting and DICE project after DICEject. There are so many gifted creative people out there, it's quite certain you'll find someone who will share your love of a certain theme. Here's the design blogs we'll be tracking this year - among them some up-and-comers you'll see in the interior design community in the coming years.

Here Oh Joy is less a blogs than a true imperium. Using frisky print and vivid colours, Joy Cho has transformed her graphics design studio Into three highly acclaimed titles and a line of products ranges from a line of tiles and a line of single-use tableware to a stylish baggage hatch.

Your blogs are still a powerful home for all your activities, and we still like to keep up with your design advice and life style guide. Bruna and Paula, the couple behind the Brasilian blogs, take us to beautiful, interesting houses, stores and studio's in Sao Paulo and beyond. Though the story is missed in transcription, the pictures are more than enough colourful, plant-filled inspirations to get you to move to Brazil, or at least channelling the bouho vibe into your own home (they have some simple do-it-yourselfers to do just that).

Your blogs combine the best advice on how to design a small home with a dedication to sustainable development and responsible use. Living in Memphis, the Interior Architect and Artist operates a thriving design shop (Nubi Interiors) and a fun and entertaining blogs in which she talks about everything from photos of her home renovation work to her own individuality.

We' re in fall for Stephanie's vegetable "global eclectic" home; one look at her blogs and you will be, too. Your styling is colourful and lively, full of finds that have been found and found around the world, which you can actually buy through the "Shop" section of your blogs. Emily's blogs, which aim to strengthen the position of woman at home, are devoted to share her own design journeys.

Visit Emily Everyday for useful hints on where to buy the best vinyl carpets and funny home improvement products. Last year's winners of our Best Interior Design Blog award had to be Amber. Their cheerful personalities read every single entry on the site, and their masterly sense of California's trendy styles keeps us returning.

They may know our next weblogger from her former weblog, Chic Little House, which she recently re-launched as Katrina Blair to include her new emphasis on the sharing of wider lifestyles. Katrina also publishes essays on entertainment and travelling in small spacestyle. A further design blogs awardee, Christian Love July a, is a renovations blogs that revolves around the couple Christian and July (surprise, surprise).

Keep following along as they record major enhancement deployments - plus don't miss your behind the scene video of what it really needs to do major rebuilding. They know Athena as the fun and extraordinary cook behind the Cook Beautiful hits cooking book, but the Blogger has her origins in design.

Décor section of your favorite blogs is packed with stylistic inspirations and interiors design ideas you will be following for hours. Winners of our Best DIY Blogs section, Zucker and Tuch obviously have an amazing catalog of every DIY venture you can imagine. In addition, there's a whole section in her blogs devoted to macaroons...which is something we can definitely stand behind.

Visit Ursula's blogs for a down-to-earth decoration style. Three-year-old mother is an organizational professional with many hints on how to enjoy costly tastes with a tight schedule. Featuring tonnes of home hits and useful DYs, this up-and-coming blogs is definitely one we have in mind.

Shavonda is an authority on confined spaces and boiler room decoration and divides her characteristic daring styling in her blogs - as well as that of some other like-minded design lovers on house outings. It won our editor's selection for The Modern Maverick and we can't await keeping up with the decoration designs she has scheduled for the New Year.

Talking of which, we couldn't leave the award of our Best New Design Blogs section unmentioned! Launching her blogs on Instagram, Anita recently expanded her website to include both a design blogs and custom design service. Their kinship voices make their blogs enjoyable to reread, and their command of the always fashionable California boys look is seriously demanding.

Sarah, our Best Lifestyle Blogs award winning Sarah, features a huge selection of contents on her blogs, ranging from preparing the ultimate warm cocoa mug to the best Etsy wallpapers. Since she and her husband are currently refurbishing their second home, there is also a lot of design first-hand.

If you don't, your blogs will become your meeting place for stylistic inspiration: My Nordic home is basically a catalog of Sweden styles, completed with styles guide and a look at Niki's own home. It' no wonder that it is the Best International Design Blogs Awards recipient.

Jenni Kayne, a couturier and stylist, has already made a name for herself as a provider of basic, classical styles, but did you know that she also has a blogs? The Rip & Tan is an inside look at Jenni's life story, where the artist will share her favourite prescriptions, organizational hints and even some home outings.

Médina is the recipient of our Pinner's Choice Award, which is appropriate as her blogs are full of intelligent DIY and recycling sites that you have definitely seen (and probably even saved) on Pinterest.

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