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Every Android phone should have some home themes provided by the manufacturer. In order to return to your original home screen, navigate to the Home menu under Settings. Conquest of the theme world of Android I threw away my iPhone 3S for an HTC One a few short months ago, and now I think the distinction between the world's most favorite phone OSs - Apple's iPhone and Google's Android - can be accounted for by a lifestyle style snapshot. iPhone is an expertly crafted villa with excellent flavor.

Android' designer and company like HTC, who modified this OS in different ways, do not have the same capabilities. Experience your Android mobile with Breaking Bath pictures, with symbols from the periodical system, as they are shown at the opening of the TV show. It may look just like a scrapboard-like game.

Android phones are infinitely adjustable, down to the last bit. is an astounding task that demands the control of softwares that seem to have taken off from this Soviet spacecraft in grace. "Take a look at the many guides on YouTube, where Android Topic Designer - or Themer, as they are called - provide a step-by-step guide so you can imitate their crafts.

However, a new application, Themer, was created by MyColorScreen, a start-up company in Irvine, California. is hoping to get Android adaptation into the crowds. It' s the brainchild of cutting out the unfathomable programmes and never-ending handicrafts necessary to set up a classy startup video. Free Themer downloads and instant access to a mobile theme collection, each of which can be easily deployed with a click.

Click "Apply", and your mobile might have, for example, the In a Window topic, which is a whiteboard font columns on a dark backdrop, with trendy restaurants meal styles. There' a Grand Theft Auto themed, a Game of Thrones themed and even one that eerily reproduces the look of iPhone 7 if for any reasons you want the iPhone look on your Android unit.

For anyone who has ever tried the long road to the installation of such labor-intensive design, Themer felt like a magical gimmick. In fact, the application took about 10 month of research and development by three parties - two from the capital goods industry and one electrician - who were studying the Android space in their quest for a speciality.

Affiliates purchased MyColorScreen.com, a Android-themed website from a Thai-based businessman. This was and is an on-line galery for an internatinal sub-culture of smartphone artists who invent and design new looks for them. There are more than 50,000 topics on the website, including GOONOW!

Affiliates have stores with a fistful of themeers to integrate some of their themes into the application; about 90 themes are available, more will be added each weekly. Mr. Dhingra and his associates are planning to make cash by doing business with businesses that want to appear on your home computer monitor.

The themes come with a pre-installed file and Themer can finally put Amazon in a purchasing file or Evernote in a production file. In anticipation of these winnings, MyColorScreen will pay participants approximately $50 per topic. Themer is like visiting a clothes shop where you can try on anything you want, let it go for a few whole day and then exchange your selection for a new one.

Using a motif by a Pole graphics artist called GaRyArTs, I created a motif called Colourlist, consisting of six colorful rectangular shapes piled on top of each other. If you press each square, another feature opens - one for the cameras, one for the phones, and so on. There' a small set of blank symbols at the bottom, with a link to YouTube and Dropbox and other commonly used applications.

The color list looks fantastic, as do a number of other themes I've tried. Every download is fast and smooth, and Themer allows you to choose, for example, the Wetter application you want to use when you click the Wetter-symbol. However, Themer has some restrictions. Locking screens - the screens you see the first time you turn on your telephone - cannot be set up by Themer because the application is unable to modify them.

At the moment, the look of your barrier display will have no similarity with the look of the remainder of a Themer-ed telephone, which is like mounting the front end of a Ford Focus on a Jaguar. However, Mr. Dhingra says that future releases of Themer will solve the problem with the locking display. This means that the application can eventually provide a large number of topics and offers the possibility to change these topics at will.

Apple's approaches - like the cookies editor home style approaches - will seem even more boring.

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