Homepage Design Templates in html

Home page design templates in html

The Nestor is a clean, modern and versatile HTML template for business pages. Our specialty is the design and creation of elegant, clean and beautiful free website templates using Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework. An HTML template based on the design material design available on the market. This minimal but powerful video website templates are great for any website. This design template is truly customizable and presents different types of your website intro.

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The Privacy Policy (the Privacy Policy) outlines how we use Firespring, Inc. "collects, uses and shares information in relation to your use of our Web sites (including ), and our Web site (including ), or our Web site (collectively the "Services"). Our privacy policy does not cover information that our customers use when using our products andervices.

It is possible for us to gather and obtain information about our service providers ("Users", "You", "You" or "Your") from various resources, including: i) information you submit through your Member Content on the Service (your "Account") when you sign up for the Service; ii) your use of the Service; and iii) third parties' Web sites, Service and affiliates.

For your information, please review this privacy statement. We may change this privacy statement from time-to-time. Firespring does not intentionally gather information from anyone under the ages of 13, and anyone under the ages of 13 is not permitted to use our services. Please notify us if you become aware that a minor has provided us with personally identifiable information in breach of this Privacy Policy.

It is possible for us to transmit your personally identifiable information to jurisdictions other than the original collection jurisdiction. In the event that we transmit your personally identifiable information to other jurisdictions, we will safeguard that information as described in this Privacy Policy. Adding your bankroll information to your bankroll will result in this information being passed on to our external payments service provider.

While we do not save your personal information on our system, we do have direct subscription information available to us and may do so through our external payments service provider. By contacting us directly, we may obtain supplementary information about you and/or enclosures that you submit to us and any other information that you submit to us.

Some information may be collected from your equipment by usutomatically. In order to gather this information, a unique type of cooking agent may be placed on your computer or appliance when you access our services. In order to understand your preference, we save information that we gather through the use of our web site visitors' browser based applications such as Cookies, Protocol Data and/or Clearifs. It may also be possible for us to gather information about your use of the functions of our services, the functioning of our services, the frequency with which you access our services, and other information related to your interaction with the services.

Your use may be tracked on various Web sites and different types of service. The information referred to above in this section may in some jurisdictions, up to and includingthe European Economic Area ("EEA"), be deemed to constitute personally identifiable information under current legislation on privacy. If you use our service, we may gather information about your involvement and use of our service.

This information is used to help us administer the Services, keep and enhance the Services performing and used, create new functionality, ensure the privacy and protection of our Services and our clients, and offer client service. Each time you elect to associate our services with a third-party user accounts, we will obtain information about that user accounts, such as your third parties accounts authentificationoken, to allow us to approve the affiliation.

Should you wish to restrict the information available to us, you should check the confidentiality preferences of your third parties account to see your choices. Third parties may also provide us with information about you that is public domain and we may aggregate that information with information we have about you. It is not our responsibility to endorse the policies and/or practice of these third parties and we recommend that you read their policy thoroughly.

The information we gather is used in various ways. This includes, but is not limited to: providing, operating and maintaining ourervices; improving and enhancing ourervices; understanding and analyzing the way you use ourervices; developing new product, offering, functions and functions; communicating with you, either directly or through one of our affiliates, even for the purpose of providing support, updating and other information regarding the serviced, as well as for advertising and advertising needs; processing your transaction; detecting and preventing frauds and for regulatory enforcement needs, whether imposed by our Framework Agreement or other statutory provisions, or as otherwise mandated by law or regulation; detecting and preventing frauds and for enforcement of our Framework Agreement or other statutory requirements, or as otherwise mandated by law or regulation; and understanding and analyzing how you use ourervices.

If you decide not to receive the cookie, please be aware that some functions and the personalisation of our website may no longer work for you. The information we gather may be shared in various ways, some of which include the following: It is possible for us to disclose information to third parties and third parties that perform certain activities on our behalf, such as assisting us in providing our advertising and/or advertising support, and to make available to you information of relevance to you, such as information about our products, our products, our products, our promotions, our products, our products, our products, our products, our products, our products, our company's news, our products, our services, our products, our products, our software upgrades, our products, our promotions, or other information.

To the extent permitted by law, we may use and disclose information about our customers in aggregate or de-identified forms to our affiliates that cannot reasonably be used to personally identify you. Third partner. We also show information about our visitors with third parties in order to obtain supplementary information about you that is available to the public. When you register for our services through a recommendation from a friend, we may provide information to your recommender to inform them that you have used their recommendation to register for our services.

They may use a cookie to gather non-identifying information. We may also disclose information in order to (i) comply with relevant laws, regulations, court proceedings or government requirements; (ii) enforce this Privacy Policy and our Framework Agreement, in particular to investigate possible breaches of this Policy; (iii) investigate, deter or otherwise tackle frauds, breaches of securities or technological problems; (iv) respond to your inquiries; or (v) safeguard our or our right, title or privacy, our user and the general public. Our Privacy Policy and our Framework Agreement will be effective upon your written consent.

We have a policy for the collection and use of the above described personally identifiable information depending on the personally identifiable information in question and the unique circumstances in which we gather it. We will normally record your personally identifiable information only when we need the personally identifiable information to enter into a transaction with you; when the transaction is in our best interest and your right does not terminate; or when we have your permission to do so.

It is our justified interest to operate our services and to communicate with you as required in order to make these services available, e.g. to respond to your enquiries, improve our website, carry out advertising measures or to detect or prevent illicit activity. We may also be required by law in some cases to gather personally identifiable information from you or otherwise need the personally identifiable information to safeguard your or someone else's life interests.

When we ask you to supply us with personally identifiable information in order to fulfil a statutory obligation or to enter into a contractual relationship with you, we will clarify this in due course and inform you whether or not the supply of your personally identifiable information is obligatory (and the possible implications of not providing your personally identifiable information).

Throughout our organization, we use a wide range of technology and procedures to safeguard information from being accessed, used or disclosed by others. Our policies are intended to ensure a reasonable degree of protection against the risks associated with the use of your personally identifiable information. If we have a continuing need to do so for good cause (e.g. to offer you a particular type of services you have asked for, or to meet your statutory, fiscal or accountancy requirements), we store personally identifiable information that we gather from you.

If we do not have a continuing reasonable commercial need to handle your personally identifiable information, we will either remove it or make it anonymous or, if that is not possible (e.g. because your personally identifiable information has been backed up), we will safely retain your personally identifiable information and keep it isolated from further use until it can be removed.

When you are a registred member, you can gain certain information associated with your registration by signing in to our services or by sending an email to privacy@firespring.com. When you cancel your membership with us, all your activities on your membership may be kept on our server and available to the general public before you cancel your membership.

Information you have provided may be archival or retained by us from time to time for the purpose of our periodic disaster-recovery backups performed in the normal course of our operations. Firespring's capability to satisfy a statutory duty may be impaired, Firespring's capability to examine, enforce or defense rights, Firespring's capability to disclose personally identifiable information about third parties, or Firespring's or a third party's violation of a contractual agreement or discovery of business secret or other proprietary information.

When you want to gain control of your personally identifiable information, or want to have it corrected, updated or deleted. Furthermore, you may oppose the use of your person-related data, ask us to limit the use of your person-related data or demand the transferability of your person-related data. Once we have gathered and processed your person-related data with your permission, you can revoke it at any point in the future.

The revocation of your permission has no influence on the legality of a process that we carried out before your revocation, nor on the process of your person-related information that is carried out in confidence in other legitimate reasons than the permission. If you have a complaint about the use of your personally identifiable information, you have the right to contact a privacy office.

Should you have any queries or objections regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to email us at privacy@firespring.com.

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