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With MAGIX Website Maker MX, designing and editing your homepage is child's play, even without programming knowledge. Maker HomePage allows you to modify the homepage of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. We' re proud to launch HomePage Maker, a mobile free application that lets you customise your home page for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. It also offers you a small life-story of how the homepage will look in your web-application! Their user-defined homepage is generated in the application directory, namely \Homepage Maker v1\Webpage Files\Homepage.


Use it to configure the home page of your IE by selecting the Specify your IE home page checkbox, but due to limitations with other web browsers, you must modify the home page of your IE using the Firefox, Chrome, and Opera preferences. Please use the complete address of the homepage to do this!

It unpacks the necessary folders and preferences when run for the first times. The website html codec was designed to be cross-browser compliant and has been reviewed for IE9, Firefox 3.6.11, Chrome 7.0.517.41 and Opera 10.63. Corrected a problem in browers like Firefox that display pictures on other hard disks. To ensure that all web-browsers can access the background pictures, the program will create a background picture directory and copy background pictures to this directory.


Fast, easy to use and with a high-quality look - with video, photo, music and animation. With MAGIX Website Maker Deluxe, you can build a high-quality website that is immediately available for use. Compared to other offerings or programs for creating your homepage, MAGIX Website Maker deluxe provides you with everything you need in one package: softwares, high-quality website layouts, Tutorials, storage capacity, domains.

The user can build his own web site according to the proven MAGIX modular concept in three easy stages. It is not softwares, but a 12-month webhosting, to be able to use it you have to have an access to the web, all ressources are online, the CD contains only mostly demo files.

Everything you do with this thing can't be imported into other webhosting programs, man, I want to cut my wrist open with the punch line, it's so wasted. Avoid this, it is only a subscription of 12 months for you to have your site, this cannot be called a program to use it, you must have an Internet connection and the resources to build your site are on the Magix site and you can not transport it to another site.

However, you won't find anything indicating that you can only use it to upload to their website for which you are signing up and the first 12 months are free. It seems Magix makes good things, but they all make you go back to their iPhone service to get more from you.

If you want a fl ash page, try Swish. 12 free month free of charge domains and hostings, yes for a useless SUB-DOMAIN! When I bought this, I recalled another Magix item I bought years ago and it was also a bit of garbage. When you see this in the shop, let everything fall and run away from it.

Magix betrayed you again. It is not a website that creates custom created softwares, it is a fraud to get you to buy web hosting with a sub domain. Keep away from it, just like all other Magix programs. It' s unbelievable that even when it' s not so difficult to be truthful, there are still attempts to get scams out of the web.

Let us legislate to allow the restitution and reimbursement of fraudware like this. It' s a garnet cheese and it'?s a garnet cheese. It is exclusively a web site, NO SW. Don't mind this outfit. Also, I purchased this piece of code because I thought it would be an easier way to build pages using Adobe' flash.

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