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Home page template | Hugo Home page is a page and therefore contains all the page and site variable that are available. Homepage Template is the only template needed to build a website and therefore useful when booting a new website and template. It' also the only template needed if you are creating a one-page website.

Refer to Template Lookup. Like other Hugo listing pages, the homepage will accept contents and front material from a _index.md files. You should place this filename in the home directory of your contents directory (e.g. content/_index.md). Then you can copy your site to your own website and attach your own meta data as you would with any other contents files.

For more information about the _index.md added contents and front material roles in listing pages, see the homepage template below or the contents organization. Additionally to the default page variable, the homepage template has page contents accessible via .pages. This is an example of a home page template that uses part template, basic template and a contents filename at contents/_index.md to fill the page variable {{{.Title}} and {{.Content}}}.

"Subtitles" "main" "main" "main" "main" "Homepage-Header" "Subtitles" . "Homepage Content" " " " Summary"

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